Nap Lounge, an Urban Oasis Concept and a Haven of Easy Rejuvenation in Hong Kong

Simply the Rest: Proudly Presenting the Innovative Nap Lounge, an Urban Oasis Concept and a Haven of Easy Rejuvenation

Picture this everyday scene: You’re between meetings with an hour to spare. It’s a busy week (as usual), and all you really want before your next engagement is a place to unwind for an hour. The local coffee shop is always packed, but even when it isn’t, how can you truly relax in a bustling coffee house with cups clinking all around you as other customers eye up your seat? Welcome to the innovative, original Nap Lounge concept, a modern oasis of relaxation and escape from city life with private cabins available for easy rental in 15-minute increments. Simultaneously launched in three commerce-centric locations – on Des Voeux Road in the heart of Central, on Wan Chai’s Gloucester Road near the Hong Kong Convention Centre and in Tsim Sha Tsui East – Nap Lounge is never too far away from executives that need a fast recharge. After all, a 15 to 30-minute rest could make all the difference in how the rest of your day goes!


Housed within Nap Lounge are highly comfortable individual rooms. In keeping with Nap Lounge’s emphasis on tranquillity and total escape, each room can only accommodate a single guest at any time and features ergonomically designed recliners, fresh sheets and blankets, refreshments on-call and chargers for your electronics. Most importantly, Nap Lounge cabins are in a noise-free, phone-free zone so you are assured of a peaceful, short-term space to recharge your mind and body. An airport lounge is a welcome sight for weary travellers; Nap Lounge is a welcome sight for weary, on-the-go executives, perfect for visiting businessmen (especially during convention season in Wan Chai), travelling executives and freelance professionals who are between meetings. Nap Lounge is also a perfect tonic for special situations such as a personal staging point for an evening event you’re attending (like a wedding). How lovely would it be to have a convenient, peaceful place to change into your eveningwear while taking a much-needed moment to relax?


We recharge all manner of gadgets, electronics and tools everyday. Arguably the biggest tools we neglect to recharge are our minds and bodies. Nap Lounge was created for that very purpose, channelling the restorative powers of a quick afternoon break in restoring your mind space and getting your power bar back up to full.


Here’s how it works: our stress-free cabins can be reserved on our user-friendly online booking platform, available for short-term rental in 15-minute increments so you can enjoy everything from a quick quarter-hour retreat to a slightly extended hour-long rejuvenation. Only one guest is allowed in Nap Lounge cabins, and you can be assured that each room is turned over completely after every guest, no matter how short their stay.

Classed as either Business Cabins or First Class Cabins, each Nap Lounge cabin comes with a hugely relaxing ergonomic recliner, chosen specifically to accentuate a quick and efficient recharge in blissful comfort. Free Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines, chargers, slippers and toothbrush sets are available along with calm mood lighting, soothing scents and special in-room headsets with a selection of calming music. The more spacious First Class cabins also feature on-call refreshment service delivered straight to the cabin, while other guests can make use of the complimentary coffee, tea, selected beverages and snacks at the communal refreshment stations.

Designed with busy professionals in mind, Nap Lounge also features capabilities in printing, fax, copying, scanning and other business services available on site. A concierge service is also on hand with helpful information to help you get to your next stop with stress-free ease.


Nap Lounge is the inspiration of hotelier David Lau, owner of Tsim Sha Tsui’s successful Popway Hotel, which he personally developed from the ground up. As such, you are assured of hotel-quality service at Nap Lounge with highly efficient room turnarounds and hotel-standard hospitality at every step of the way.

Nap Lounge (Central) 

Unit 1102, 11/F, Far East Consortium Building, 121 Des Voeux Road, Central

Tel: (852) 3708 8626 | Opening Hours: 10am-7pm


Nap Lounge (Wan Chai) 

Unit D, 9/F, Neich Tower, 128 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai

Tel: (852) 3708 8627 | Opening Hours: 10am-7pm


Nap Lounge (TST) 

Unit 815, 8/F, Tower A, New Mandarin Plaza, 14 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Tel: (852) 3708 8625 | Opening Hours: 10am-7pm

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