Misway’s Airbuds for Easy and Instant Translation – An Interview


Misway is one of the exhibitors at Global Sources Startup Launchpad (Spring Edition). Let’s see what they have in store for us!

Can you tell us about your product, Airbuds?

Airbuds is a translation ear-piece. The ear-piece is designed to break language barriers and enable instant communication between different mother tongues. What’s best is that this only takes 2 seconds – and no longer! All you need to do is download an app, which comes with the ear-piece, on your phone. With each side of the conversation wearing one of the ear-pieces, you will be able to read and hear the instant translation. Just press the button on your ear-piece while you speak, and our app will do the rest of the translating work
for you!

What makes your product unique in the competitive market?

Airbuds supports 42 languages – an amount way above the 2 to 3 languages-support in usual translation devices. The ear-piece is fully wireless so you don’t need to worry about detangling headphones and the hassle that comes with complicated devices. With the instant translation provided by Airbuds, you wouldn’t need to wait for a slow app to load and translate your words one-by-one.  Also, we are the first company in China to make this product and have a lot of insight into the unique Chinese market.

Where can interested customers find your product?

We are crowdfunding internationally through Indiegogo. Look out for us in July 2017 when we roll out Airbuds to the public. Let us help you break all language barriers.

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