MinorMynas Fireside Chat for Kids held successfully at Mettā

MinorMynas event “Fireside Chat for Kids” was held in the afternoon on 14 Jan at Mettā, an entrepreneur club located at 21/F, California Tower, Lan Kwai Fong.
The afternoon began with a Fireside Chat for Kids session with panel speakers being Dr. Winnie Tang, Chairman and Chairman of Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited and Chairman of the Steering Committee of Smart City Consortium, and renowned fashion designer Mr. William Tang. The panel was moderated by kid entrepreneurs, 11-year-old Hillary Yip and 16-year-old Sasha Varlamov. During the chat, Dr. Tang and Mr. Tang shared their childhood life and how the simple and distraction-free life in rural Yuen Long has helped shape their future. They both recommended parents to give their children the freedom and space to explore what they love to do as they both turned out to pursue their childhood passion. From childhood to their path to success, Dr. Tang reminded the younger generation to cultivate soft skills instead of pouring all their efforts on acquiring hard skills. Integrity and honesty matter. On top of that, Dr. Tang acknowledged the importance of languages as language ability weighed heavily to a city’s competitiveness. She took Switzerland as an example. An average Swiss knows five languages. Adding to their innovative mindset, they have kept ranking ahead of Hong Kong in terms of GDP per capita.

The next topic on “Empowering Children to Live Up to their Own Dream” was delivered by Ms. Alyssa Tam, Director of AIA Edge. Ms. Tam used the program AIA Emerging Entrepreneur Challenge (AIAEEC) to illustrate how they designed the program to help young people develop the skills needed to innovate. Hillary was in fact the winner of the second batch of the program. It was because of the program that Hillary brought up with her idea of MinorMynas and gradually developed her little idea into a mobile app to this date.

Hillary then unveiled the mobile app to the anticipating crowd. The mobile app set out to build a global network of children under 18 for them to make meaningful connections while learning each other’s languages. In the presentation, she told her story about MinorMynas, her journey from a vague idea to a soon-to-be launched product as well as running a live demo to showcase her app. Audience was invited in the event to test the app which is at its final stage of development. The mobile app is due to be launched in February. It will have a basic plan (free) and a premium plan (US$9.99/mo).

Approximately 100 parents and kids attended the event and they all left with their hands busy trying out the MinorMynas app!

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