Meshminds Launches Asia VR/AR Impact Lab At This Year’s Techsauce Global Summit

Bangkok, Thailand – MeshMinds, a Singapore impact investor, in collaboration with four other founding partners, launches today its first Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Impact Lab. The Lab aims to understand the engagement, empathetic responses and behavioural changes linked to VR/AR experiences created by Asian content creators focused on social, environmental, and economic challenges.

The award-winning VR experience “Oceans We Make”, which teaches people about the growing plastic problem in our oceans, is the first application to be measured for its impact on human behaviour and empathy. This VR experience was created for MeshMinds 1.0 “ArtxTechforGood”, the organisation’s inaugural showcase of artwork and experiences following a four-month long artist incubation programme last year.

“We’re thrilled to be launching the first Asia VR/AR Impact Lab at the 2018 Techsauce Global Summit as part of our commitment to leading the way for the creation and measurement of high quality VR/AR content focused on global challenges from an Asian perspective,” said Kay Vasey, Founder & Chief Connecting Officer of MeshMinds. “Today’s challenges are no longer exclusive to one region or country, and we are all equally responsible in becoming part of the solution. New immersive technologies will help us to achieve this goal.”

The Asia VR/AR Impact Lab is a collaboration between MeshMinds,  Dr. Benjamin Li from NTU, Dr. Khoo Eng Tat from NUS, Dr. Tim Marsh, researcher, academic and educator based at Griffith Film School, Griffith University in Australia and Warrior9 VR, one of Singapore’s leading immersive content creators.

“We’re excited to partner with MeshMinds in building the Asia VR/AR Impact Lab because a deeper understanding of how impact works will help us to tell more effective stories using immersive technologies. It’s also a great platform for AR/VR practitioners based in Asia to contribute their expertise to this rapidly growing global industry”  says Ashima Thomas, CEO & Co-Founder, Warrior9 VR.

The Lab will realise its mission by conducting country-specific audience research on VR/AR experiences and by building collaborations to carry out experiments using equipment seeded by technology companies. Results will be published as research papers that will be shared online, at conferences and in journals. The research will provide useful information for people interested in the field of VR/AR from all perspectives such as content creation, their own research and experimentation or as viewers of content.

The Lab will also host an annual showcase of selected research works to the public at science museums, cultural institutions and on a dedicated online channel.

“As we continue to study the effects of VR on human behaviour and psychology, an Asian perspective is necessary if we want to create inclusive VR experiences that accurately represent and effectively engage the people of this region,” says Dr. Benjamin Li from NTU.

“Measuring the impact of VR content for specific purposes like education and awareness is indispensable. As part of our research effort, we would like to work with VR innovators and content creators to evaluate the user experience to further enhance our understanding of this new medium”, says Dr. Khoo Eng Tat from NUS.

“As we continue researching the field of VR and the development of serious content across the different uses of VR, I am pleased to be part of this network and the Asia VR/AR Impact Lab,” says Dr. Tim Marsh.

The lab  will assist with the funding of new collaborative experiments that align with its core mission. For more information about the first Asia VR/AR Impact Lab visit the MeshMinds website:

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