A brighter future for all with d.light

While Hong Kong’s light pollution is considered to be the worst in the world, there are 1.3billion people living without access to electricity. It was compelling to hear about Xianyi Wu’s story at the Workground, a brand new co-working space in Causeway Bay.
Xian, founder of d.light

Xian is a social entrepreneur who, along with some of his MBA friends, founded d.light, a solar panel company. Launched in 2007 in the Silicon Valley, d.light’s mission is to make a brighter future for all.  After years of ground research  in East Timor, Myanmar and Cambodia, Xian’s team (which now reaches 400 employees across 3 continents) created a solar light with a retail price of $5 to $8 USD

So far, their invention has sold in over 60 countries and they claim it’s impacted over 37 million lives around the globe. This inspiring social enterprise filled in the gap in a market covered by NGOs. These organisations prefer to build a give-away market without sustainable impact.  d.light created its own:  betting on design, quality and with this obsession to get the retail price down. They lead a market that hit the tip of the wave prior to the GFC and is now fiercely competitive. What lesson is to be learnt? Focus on your customer needs and get early and constant feedback on your prototype. d.light

Xian is part of this global community of entrepreneurs who believes that we can make the world a better place and that corporate entities can make social impact. Believe it or not, we can make a difference for real. Just believe in what you do!

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/dlightvideos


Written by Audrey Reisdorffer

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