Market Entry Bootcamp by Taiwan Startup Stadium a Huge Success!

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (August 7, 2019) – More than 90+ attendees interested in learning about Korea’s flourishing startup ecosystem gathered for Taiwan Startup Stadium’s first ever event in Korea, titled “Market Entry Bootcamp: Thriving in Korea’s Ecosystem.” Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) is one of the leading startup ecosystem builders in Taiwan and has organized numerous overseas events in an effort to connect and learn from Asia’s various startup ecosystems.

The one day bootcamp presented a unique program that featured 13 speakers, three-panel discussions, and numerous key lectures regarding fundraising literacy, media literacy, market literacy, and business literacy in Korea. All in all, the bootcamp gave attendees some advice and takeaways on how to enter the Korean market. Some highlights from the bootcamp:

In an interview with Korean media SEN TV, Taiwan Startup Stadium’s CEO Leroy Yau explained why they decided to attend KITA’s NextRise 2019 Conference in Seoul and hold their very first event in Korea. “This is the first time we came over here. We wanted to learn more about the startup ecosystem and the startup teams in Korea. Korea is one of the leading startup ecosystems in Asia. Taiwan is also doing well, but we want to learn from Korea. Also, we wanted to find opportunities to collaborate in Korea.”

About Taiwan Startup Stadium:
Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) is a leading startup ecosystem builder in Taiwan. With our comprehensive global resources, we aim to build a “one alliance, one platform, and one academy” mindset to serve startups, investors, and corporations throughout Asia. Aside from leveraging a broad network of ecosystem players, we also provide solid coaching programs through extensive bootcamps and workshops designed to empower entrepreneurs to grow and succeed in their startup journey.

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