makerbay hong kong makerspaceMakerbay is the latest addition to the makerspaces in Hong Kong. Funded on Indiegogo (crowdfunding platform) in July of 2015, they launched their 6,500 sq ft space in Yau Tong this past summer. Their space caters to “robotic companies, environmental NGOs, mechanical engineering, traditional craftspeople, and everyone in between.” Their crowdfunding campaign read “Hong Kong has dozens of co-working spaces but you cannot make much noise, create any dust or work on ‘smelly’ projects.”
Interview with Cesar Hareda, founder of MakerBay

What’s the most interesting thing made at MakerBay?

Our member Shawn Frayne’s team is working on amazing 3D display called L3D Cube.  Their team raised 250k USD on Kickstarter this year.

MakerbayWhat do you think of the maker ecosystem in HK?

It needs to be strengthened. Hong Kong is an amazing place for many reasons. It is very easy to source parts, connect to manufacturers as well as the logistics of export, financing, etc. I believe it is the best place in the world to do electronics R&D with the freedom of the West and immediate access to Shenzhen, the world capital for electronics manufacturing.

What are some of your favorite maker startups in Hong Kong?

The Looking Glass Factory is phenomenal and lives in MakerBay. I have been impressed with Insight Robotics’ progress as well. I also think Scoutbots, which is my startup, has tremendous potential; it won last year’s StartMeUpHK Grand Award and was listed as China 10th most innovative company by Fast Company shortly after we got investment from one of the co-founders of Skype. By Spring of next year, you should see some really innovative technologies coming out of MakerBay that aim to improve society. Some of it is still very secret… so stay tuned 🙂

makerbay, makerspace in yau tong hong kong

What’s next for MakerBay?

MakerBay is growing fast and looking for sponsors and investors to sustain rapid growth. Hong Kong is really behind when it comes to innovation and creativity, and we believe we can contribute to that in a significant way. We invite all makers, young and old, from art, design, engineering, or science backgrounds to come invent the future at MakerBay.

MakerBay Location: Unit C1, Yau Tong Industrial Building Block 2, 16 Sze Shan Street, Yau Tong, Kowloon