Lizzie Marie Cuisine

Lizzie Marie started cooking at the age of two. In the kitchen, her job was to test the taste (“taste tester”) while her mother cooked the food. When her mom and her were making soup or apple sauce her job was to stir the food inside the pot. She learned healthy and delicious recipes from there.

When she was six years old she wanted to go horseback riding. But she had to pay for her horse riding lessons herself. So she started cooking healthy goodies by herself and selling them at the local farmers market. She took horseback riding classes for a year and a half but she stopped because she found her real passion was cooking.

When she was eleven years old (in 2007) she did her first video on You Tube. After that she made her own web page and her own cooking show. The name of the cooking show was Lizzie Cooking.

She wanted to be like Rachel Ray. The Lizzie Cooking show taught recipes for healthy food that is delicious.

But after nine years of cooking, Lizzie decided to stop cooking for a while. Lizzie is currently taking a gap year to try the other things that she has found she also liked to do while she was doing cooking.

By Kai Kuwata. Kai is a 10-year-old journalist covering Child Entrepreneurship for Jumpstart. He enjoys soccer, badminton, playing with his sisters and playing with Battle Spirits cards. His favorite subject is Science, so he also can be found spending time looking at stuff through his microscope. Kai resides in Tai Po, Hong Kong.

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