Lift is the Uber for Sales in Hong Kong

Hong Kong – 21 April 2017 – Today, Kanshuu Ltd. soft-launched its premium sales service ‘Lift’ in Hong Kong. Lift is a meeting booking service that charges a flat fee per meeting booked and is available at
Lift was created to match short-term demand for sales with idle sales capacity, much like Uber does with drivers and riders. For businesses with small teams and those that work on a project basis, it’s expensive to maintain full-time sales forces, especially when factoring in commissions, MPF, and desk space. Lift focuses on qualifying prospects and booking meetings so companies can focus on pitching and closing the clients.


On the inspiration for the service, Shan Han, Managing Director at Kanshuu says

“There are so many companies in Hong Kong that have awesome products to sell, but simply don’t know how to get in front of the right people to sell to. Lift is designed to empower these companies to sell without having to hire a full-scale, full-time sales force.”

Taking Cloud Computing Concepts to Sales

Han contends that while industry knowledge is critical for pitching and closing a prospect – which the service does not offer – the early stage of sales; lead generation, prospect qualification, and opening the prospect are a unique skill. He adds “Not everybody can communicate key value propositions in an email or over the phone.”

Like how cloud computing services allow server-side operations to be abstracted away to data-centre specialists, Lift allows the early stage of the sales process to be abstracted away so companies can focus on their product.

How it works

Lift uses ‘Lean Sales Canvas’, a framework built in-house, to understand client’s value propositions. It then takes that output as a basis to build highly targeted prospect lists using technologies such as web-scraping and social media monitoring. Han says “This is our competitive advantage – we’re experts at understanding value and finding who would benefit the most from it”.

Once prospect lists are built, Lift matches clients with expert sales staff in its network with idle capacity to book the meetings.

“We’re not an offshore call centre that sprays and prays, we’re a bespoke service that looks to match clients with the best possible prospects.”

The service is currently in soft-launch and is part of the project ’12 Startups in 12 Months’

Shan Han


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