Let’s Talk About Gender Equality

Let’s Talk About Gender Equality

By Ema Farjana


January 23, 2019

WeWork Causeway Bay


A collaboration between Encompass HK, the Women Chief Executives, and Turnkey Group, Let’s Talk About Gender Equality brought together 30 academics and experts in the financial services and human resources industries. The intent of the workshop was not only to discuss sustainable development goals from the perspective of gender equality and workplace inclusion, but to highlight the value of environmental, social, and corporate governance reporting for firms.


Notable speakers included Ali Tse from PwC, Krisztina Anspach from Admired Leadership Asia, and Ruby Lam from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


In one segment, Tse presented a report based on the Gender Diversity in the Hong Kong Financial Services Sector Survey, which provides insights and solutions for areas of inequality in the sector. In another, University of Hong Kong lecturer Dr. Aditi Jhaveri showcased the newly developed Prevention of Sexual Harassment Course–an app to raise awareness about sexual harassment on university campuses.


“We are not short of ambitious and qualified women in the talent pipeline, but they drop out along the way. I think industries might want to think about how to create an environment and culture that is more friendly and attractive to female candidates to join, and stay,” said Ruby Lam.


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