Launches an Exclusive “Gallery with a Purpose” by Hong Kong-based Photographers

(Hong Kong, 14 November 2017) A brand new arrival to the city – Bamboo Scenes is an online collection of photography that offers the possibility of buying truly unique pieces from Hong Kong-based photographers at affordable prices and with a purpose.

Featuring accessible Framed Limited Edition Photography –Bamboo Scenes just launched its first exhibition ‘Hong Kong Perspectives’ showcasing mind-blowing sceneries in our city through the eyes of the artists, and offers a wide variety of different styles. Bamboo Scenes artists incl. Elaine Li and Timmy Lo, Fine Art Photographers Frank Freeman and Stephanie Teng, Contemporary Street Photographers as Christopher Lim, Natasza Minasiewicz and more.

The initiator behind Bamboo Scenes Madelon de Grave, while organising photography exhibitions in Hong Kong, thought of her very own struggle to find a unique yet affordable piece for her living room.

Realising that many friends around her have faced the same challenge, the idea of Bamboo Scenes was born. Being actively involved in charities herself, Madelon finds it important to give back to the community and hence 10% of the profits of every edition sold are donated to the charity ImpactHK, which helps the homeless population of Hong Kong.

To remain clear, all photographs are exclusively available at Bamboo Scenes in 3 sizes and are printed and framed in Hong Kong to support local craftsmanship.

The City is our Gallery
Our Frames will be popping up in bars, restaurants, and hotels around the city. On Tuesday November 28, 2017 – the first collections will officially be launched with a special exhibition and launch party right in the heart of the city. For more information, go here and RSVP to

Participating Photographers of Exhibition ‘Hong Kong Perspectives’:

1. Elaine Li
2. Timmy Lo
3. Sharon Liu
4. Derry Ainsworth
5. Frank Freeman
6. Natasza Minasiewicz
7. Stephanie Teng
8. Christopher Lim
9. Sarie Moolenburgh
10. Nukeproofsuit

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