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This is the second of three partnerships so far this month.   By Sharon Lewis   Tokyo-based electrical engineering and software company Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced in a statement yesterday that it had acquired Danish artificial intelligence (AI) startup Grazper Technologies ApS for an undisclosed amount on 20 March 2020.   Founded in 2015 in Copenhagen,


The latest acquisition extends Capgemini's digital transformation capabilities in the APAC region   By Monika Ghosh   Capgemini has signed an agreement to acquire Australia-based MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform consultancy WhiteSky Labs, according to a press report released by both firms. The deal is expected to be closed in a few weeks, subject to usual

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Research-backed rules for a solid work-from-home policy   By Sharon Lewis   One of the first known uses of the term “digital nomad” was in a 1997 book of the same name. Today, digital nomadism, or remote working, is both a lifestyle and a career option legitimized by freelancers and consultants.   In the time of


When in the wild, how does blockchain thrive?   By Kenneth Bok The long-term utility of any technology is often measured by its essentiality, determined by the extent to which its use becomes second nature. In other words: the more invisible, the better. Take the Internet, for example; the ability to complete an

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Financing integrated, inclusive, and sustainable waste management.   By Sharon Lewis   Blue Planet Environmental Solutions announced today that it raised US$25M in corporate funds from Asian global investment bank Nomura’s Loans and Principal Investments Area. The company said in its statement that the investment will help Blue Planet develop waste management solutions that

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CureFit valuation likely to cross US$800 million   By Monika Ghosh   Health and Fitness startup CureFit raised US$110 million in its second Series D funding round led by Singapore-based Temasek Holdings, which invested approximately $71.8 million of the total. Existing investors Accel Partners invested $14.2 million, while Chiratae Ventures and Unilever Swiss Holdings

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No investor? No problem.   By Sharon Lewis   Getting funded can be an uphill task for a startup, particularly for those with physical products that require an investment in materials and manufacturing. Crowdfunding is a simple solution to that problem.   Crowdfunding is a method of raising funds from the public in the form of

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Machines may be more intelligent than human beings, but that may not make them smarter.   By Sharon Lewis   One of the most photographed women at the 2016 South by Southwest (SXSW) festival was not human. Hanson Robotics’ humanoid robot Sophia became an instant celebrity after her first public appearance at the festival.


Understanding the basics of Bitcoin   By Monika Ghosh   Bitcoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency that allows instant payments to anyone across the world through encryption keys, thereby protecting the identity of the traders. In other words, Bitcoin is electronic cash that uses peer-to-peer networks and eliminates the need for a financial

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The Asia-Pacific region has taken over this Silicon Valley phenomenon   By Sharon Lewis   Unicorns were mythical, until Aileen Lee made them real. She used the term in 2013 to label US software startups that were valued at US$1 billion or above. At that time, the world knew of only 39 such companies,

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Do we want more ‘WeWorks’ ?   By Elaine Tsung   Capitalism is known to be an economic system where investments and the distribution of goods are determined by competition in the free market. As history has shown us, capitalism stands out as an effective system, as supply and demand in a free market

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By Monika Ghosh   Fintech has become one of the most used words in the startup ecosystem today, yet few fully understand how it's grown or can define its scope.   An abbreviation for Financial Technology, fintech refers to new technologies that seek to improve and automate the use and delivery of financial services.


The investment was led by Source Code Capital, followed by Walden International and Shanghai S&T   By Monika Ghosh   Shanghai-based intelligent robots developer Keenon Robotics concluded its Series B funding round with close to US$28 million in investment, according to a statement released on March 9, 2020. Beijing-based Source Code Capital led the

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Flare is number one in automotive advertising in Thailand, claims CEO Kazuki Kamiya   By Monika Ghosh   Thailand-based automobile-related service provider Flare announced on March 23 that it has raised US$1.4 million in Series A funding from Spiral Ventures, Chiba Dojo, Sun Asterisk, and Voyage Ventures. The investment was received through third party

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By Patrick Hogan   Small-business owners are said to be the lifeblood of economies around the globe. However, one out of five businesses fail in their first year (US. Bureau of Labor Statistics). A large reason behind this rate of failure is a lack of experience managing cash flows.     About 82% of businesses

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By Sharon Lewis   Singapore-based digital currency exchange has listed decentralized stablecoin Dai on its exchange platform, according to a statement released by this week. Dai is soft-pegged to US$1, and is reportedly the second largest stablecoin by overall collateral value.   A stablecoin is a user-generated collateral-backed cryptocurrency. Derived from the

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By Sharon Lewis   The ‘Three-Way Talks’, a panel discussion on blockchain and the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on it, was held earlier this month, according to a press statement by ChainUP. The discussion focused on latest developments in the blockchain industry, as well as collaborative opportunities during the ongoing pandemic.   The list of


Including the current funding, Udaan has received a total investment of US$900 million   By Monika Ghosh   In a fresh round of financing, Bengaluru-based Business-to-Business (B2B) ecommerce startup Udaan raised US$30 million from Singapore-based parent company Trustroot Internet on March 23, according to a press report. Udaan passed a special resolution to allot

By Sharon Lewis   Chilibeli, a community based social ecommerce platform headquartered in Jakarta, raised US$10 million funding in a round led by American venture capital firm Lightspeed Ventures this week, according to a statement by the company. The round also saw participation from Golden Gate Ventures, Sequoia Surge, Kinesys Group, and

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Figure out whether the ecommerce giant's proprietary system is right for you   By Sharon Lewis   Logistics, inventory management, and shipping can be laborious procedures. There’s no fun in being constantly surrounded by cardboard and plastic wrap. They are, however, critical processes when building a seamless customer experience, which can in turn make

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What the experts have to say.   By Sharon Lewis   Marketing strategists worldwide are acknowledging the power of the storyteller. This is especially true for startups, thousands of which buckle under the pressure of constantly chasing growth. In an intensely competitive market, the brand with a story that consumers can really connect to,

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The OnePillow is the only pillow you’ll ever need   By Jasmine Chan   When it comes to perfect quality sleep, selecting a suitable pillow is the utmost priority. Hush Home looked to sleep science when developing its advanced sleep products, which include pillows, mattresses, and bedding.    Hoping to bring the five-star hotel experience to

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Cybersecurity startup Horangi announced on March 24 that it closed its Series B round at US$20 million.

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When investor fundraising fails, grant programs may succeed   By Monika Ghosh   Funding is one of the main challenges that entrepreneurs encounter. New businesses often fail due to lack of investment. While most startups rely on investor funding, other ways of raising funds like crowdfunding, angel investment and startup grants are also gaining

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The investment was led by SIG and Huaxing New Economic Fund   By Monika Ghosh   Chinese insurtech startup Insgeek raised US$25 million in a Series C round of funding, according to a company statement released on March 18. The investment was led by global proprietary trading & broker-dealer firm Susquehanna International Group (SIG)

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A starting point for amateur podcast listeners   By Aditya S.   Every entrepreneur craves new strategies and skills to maximize their business growth. But finding time to read a book or attend a seminar can be difficult while also trying to balance business and family. This is where podcasts can come in extremely

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Acquisition of marketing startup is the latest step in TNL's push for a broader spectrum of digital offerings   By Sharon Lewis   Taipei-based media and journalism startup TNL Media Group acquired Ad2iction Interaction, a Taiwan-based digital marketing startup, for an undisclosed amount last week. Ad2iction Interaction will continue to function as an independent


Find out how you can be Shopify-ready in 10 simple steps   By Sharon Lewis   Shopify has become a behemoth in the online retail marketplace, and making yourself a spot on the platform is a matter of just a few clicks. With over a million sellers across 175 countries, and annual revenues that

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Funding round is third close of the month for Bengaluru-based impact investor LGT Lightstone Aspada   By Sharon Lewis   India-based fintech platform Vivriti Capital raised US$50 million in a Series B round from private equity firm LGT Lightstone’s India wing LGT Lightstone Aspada, according to a statement by the company on March 18.

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A beginner’s guide to using this exciting design tool   By François Hurtaud   Many believe 3D printing is extremely technical, but this is not necessarily the case. After the initial setup, the software can be left alone to do the job. It just needs a little instruction on the right process, materials, and