Kowrk.com Talk on the Best Practices for Hiring Freelancers

17 May, 2016 Hong Kong: As the second event in their Speaker Series, Kowrk.com, a platform connecting users to coworking spaces, business centers and shared offices in Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Cambodia, hosted a talk at Centre O Connect. Dr. Abhishek Kathuria, Assistant Professor at The University of Hong Kong (HKU), Ph.D. from the Emory University, USA, strategic advisor to many startups in Hong Kong and India and Cofounder of Kowrk.com, gave an insightful talk on the best practices for hiring freelancers in today’s world.
Founders of growing startups usually face the dilemma of how to expand their team. In today’s digital world, this decision is made more complex by added option of the type of new member in the team – full time employee or part time freelancer. Dr. Kathuria’s talk was based on his decade-long research on micro-sourcing (i.e. freelancing) and experiences of hiring freelancers for many startups that he advises and manages. He talked about different categories of online platforms and major players in each, jobs and projects that can be outsourced, main challenges with micro-sourcing and the best ways to select a freelancer depending upon the nature of the job. Dr. Kathuria also touched on the merits and weaknesses of the online platforms used to seek out freelancers. To entrepreneurs in the audience, he gave clear guidelines to ensure success with micro-sourcing. In addition, he answered questions from many freelancers in the audience, speaking about the pitfalls with various online platforms that freelancers should be aware of. Along with a house full of audience, Dr. Kathuria’s talk has also been viewed more than 250 times on Facebook live stream.

After launching Speaker Series in May 2016, with a talk on demystifying mobile marketing for startups, this was the second successful event by Kowrk.com.  “We continue our efforts of growing the startup ecosystems in the countries we are present in. I am confident and excited that we can bring such high quality content for free to people” quipped Kowrk.com Founder, Honey Jain Kathuria. “We utilize every possible avenue to distribute our content and connect with people; I believe that is what differentiates us.”

And separating from the competition is exactly what Kowrk.com is doing. In less than a year since its launch, Kowrk.com has more than 95 spaces listed in 8 cities in 4 countries. Kowrk shortens and simplifies the process of finding, comparing and booking a coworking space or shared office by providing a location-based search that lists all available spaces, their amenities, user reviews, photographs and indicative prices along with the ability to book or contact the provider. They are truly enabling The Future of Work™ by ensuring that finding a coworking space or shared office is as simple as finding a hotel room.

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