KorumLegal’s “Must Have” Startup Legal Pack

Hong Kong, 12 February 2019 – Designed by a legal startup for startups, KorumLegal introduces its new look Hong Kong Start-Up Pack, which assists Hong Kong startups to begin their business’ legal journey. The package includes:

  1. Smart – The Hong Kong Start-Up Legal Handbook which is a step-by-step guide to help you set up your company’s legal framework

  2. Lean – The “5+5 Package” which optimises the latest smart contract solution, and includes a choice of 5 key template legal agreements, with 5 hours of legal consultant time so you can tailor the agreements to your business’ needs

  3. Innovative – Once you have your basic legal setup, KorumLegal can help create a bespoke legal solution that fits your on-going legal needs and budget

The package helps startups ensure that their legal set-up is ready to go from day one and continues to develop with the business.  

It’s well known that start-ups face multiple demands, including seeking appropriate legal support which can very quickly become expensive, difficult to access and overly complex.  Any thoughts of hiring in-house counsel may be far in the distant future. KorumLegal’s Start-Up Pack provides step-by-step guidance as quasi in-house counsel in a lean and efficient manner.

KorumLegal’s free “Start-Up Legal Handbook” serves as a Legal 101 for budding entrepreneurs. This guide helps startups through the process of choosing the right legal structure, registering their trademarks and domain names and understanding their legal agreement requirements.

Alongside the Handbook, KorumLegal offers a “5+5 Package” which has been designed to support start-ups reduce their legal risk early on in their business journey.  A start-up can choose five important legal agreement templates which are key to their business (such as an employment agreement, services agreement, website Ts&Cs and a privacy policy).  They can then work with an experienced KorumLegal legal consultant, using the latest smart contract technology, to update the templates to fit their specific business needs.

In addition, once set up, start-ups can take benefit of KorumLegal’s ongoing legal support, with a bespoke solution specially tailored to their needs.   

Titus Rahiri, Director of KorumLegal, stated “As a start-up founder, the number of competing demands and priorities encountered in the initial stages are numerous.  Unfortunately, legal usually falls lower down the priority list. Statistics have shown that at least 1 in 10 start-ups fail due to legal issues. Our 5+5 Package helps founders and startups head in the right direction and find a suitable legal solution in a simple way and without breaking the bank”.

About KorumLegal

KorumLegal is a legal consultancy or law company that provides value-driven innovation in legal solutions to clients ranging from startups to banks, multinationals and law firms. The way legal services are being provided is evolving – with more innovative, tech-enabled and cost-effective solutions on offer – without compromise on experience and quality.  We’re shaping the new reality in legal solutions.

KorumLegal offers solutions across People, Process and Technology.  KorumLegal is not a law firm. We don’t charge law firm rates. We are doing things differently – innovating and collaborating to provide you with flexible, tech-enabled, efficient, quality and cost-effective legal solutions.

For more information contact: Annalise Haigh, Head of Communications at annalise.haigh@korumlegal.com or +852 60166152

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