Kids as entrepreneurs and inspiration

This inspiring story comes to us from Australia.
Patrick, an 8 year old has is an inspiration behind a first aid course for children, His Mom,  Mary, runs a first aid educational company and Patrick, like most children always held a keen interest in what his mom was doing on a day-to-day basis.

One day, Patrick asked his mom if he could learn first aid skills, to help his friends. Consequently, Mary – with much input from Patrick created the First Aid For You, Kids First Aid Workshop. 

The whole idea (of a kids first aid course) came about from Patrick’s questioning, as a toddler, Patrick saw me demonstrate on CPR dolls and instruct courses, he genuinely wanted to create a course for himself and his friends so they cou ld learn to help others in an emergency situation,” says Mary. 

I think it’s a useful skill to have and if you’re helping people, that’s always a good thing,” says Patrick. 

I’ve learnt how to bandage a friend who is bleeding, call 000, know what to do when someone is bitten by a snake and spider!, learn when you need CPR or what to do when you can’t wake your friend up and think that’s cool that I do that now, if my friends get hurt, I know what to do,” adds Patrick. 

Moral of the story – share what you do with your children. Listen to them. Ask for their feedback. You may have an aspiring child entrepreneur and business partner living in your very home.

First Aid for Kids Workshop

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