A book written by and for Hong Kong kids helps support a local animal non-profit

Jumpstart Kids, a new startup program for kids launches a crowdfunding campaign to back their English-Cantonese book for kids, titled “How to be a good babysitter.”
Hong Kong – July 2016

Jumpstart Magazine, Hong Kong’s first print publication dedicated to startups and SMEs, launched a summer program to inspire entrepreneurship in local youth. The two-week program ran at Paperclip Startup Academy in Sheung Wan and covered topics like idea generation, marketing, book design, business etiquette, crowdsourcing, and other business topics. The goal was for the kids to come up with a viable idea for a new book, launch it and raise money for a charity.

“Today we’re thrilled to announce that the program was a huge success. We weren’t sure what to expect being that it was our first program and quite amazed that by day 3 of the program the kids brainstormed 30+ book ideas, narrowed it down to one title and wrote a lot of the book” says founder of Jumpstart Kids, Yana Robbins.

Their book “How to be a good babysitter” is currently being crowdfunded on www.nextchapter.com.hk until 22 August.  It will then be published this summer and has already been approved for sales at eight Bookazine shops. All the money raised through the crowdfunding campaign will go towards publishing the book with the rest going to support Hong Kong Dog Rescue, a charity that the kids selected for this project.

To learn more about Jumpstart Kids crowdfunding campaign, which is running from now through August 22 2016, visit this link: https://nextchapter.com.hk/campaign/jumpstart-kids-book-launch

Details of the book

The 38-page book will be in English and Cantonese and is filled with 60+ tips and fun illustrations. The book is meant to be an introduction for 7-10 year olds on how to play with the baby/toddler, how to behave as a babysitter and what they should or shouldn’t do. The book sections include safety, feeding the baby, how to keep a baby entertained, what never to do, what to do if the child is crying and more. Some of the tips are “Wash you hands before you handle the baby” and “Never go to parents bedroom”. Although the legal age of babysitting varies from country to country, many kids under 10 are left with their younger sibling briefly and the book is meant to raise their awareness of safety issues and also the fun aspects of babysitting. This book should serve as a starting point of discussion between a parent and child and something everyone should discuss before leaving kids at home.

About Jumpstart Kids

Jumpstart Kids is a new program developed by Jumpstart Magazine, a print/online publication for startups in Hong Kong. Our goal is to instill a confidence in kids that they can do anything and that they can make a difference. The book is a product of their brainstorms, their imagination and the words are their own. The program gives them a structure to learn business concepts, the rest is up to them. We’re so proud of what they’ve created in a short time, and excited to share their book with the world.

About the founder of Jumpstart Kids

Jumpstart Kids is organized and run by Yana Robbins, the founder of Jumpstart Magazine. This program is a product of her 15-year career in marketing, design and e-commerce for startups, non-profits and well-known brands.  This will be the first time she’s helping curate a kids book and her first crowdfunding campaign. Being a long-time vegetarian and animal rights supporter she’s thrilled that the kids chose to support an animal organization.  Aside from running Jumpstart Magazine and Jumpstart Kids, Yana loves being a mom to her 20-month old Hong Kong-born daughter, who’s been by her side since it all started.  Last, but not least, she’s grateful to have shared running the program with two amazing and creative co-teachers – Regina Larkö and Ludivine Taverne.

About Next Chapter

Next Chapter is a funding portal especially for female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses in Asia, to improve their access to funding. Its first service is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform. See www.nextchapter.com.hk for more details.

For more information, please contact

Yana Robbins
Email: yana@jumpstartmag.com
Mobile: +852 60117165

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