It’s all about the People

Contrary to popular thinking, when it comes to scaling a business, money is no longer a problem. In fact, there are more funds looking for ideas today than ever before. A well-articulated concept, driven by the right team and with some solid traction will find investment; in the Valley, in Singapore, in China, and in Hong Kong.

In addition, traditional barriers such as manufacturing, shipping and building digital products are much less of a concern than years before. There are entire industries built using global service providers that operate efficiently and inexpensively enough to turn your ideas into a reality. With the right systems and platforms in place, you can get an app built in the Philippines in just a few hours, and you can prototype almost anything in Shenzhen with smart and English-speaking engineers.

The resources are all out there, but the key to success lies in unlocking access. This means being able to find and connect with people. This philosophy of connecting people to the resources they need is exactly what drove me to create Mettā. As a platform that facilitates human interaction around innovation, every member agrees to dedicate a minimum of one hour of their time each month to sharing knowledge with others across the network. In addition, content is crowdsourced through a network of curators who are the brightest minds (and often the busiest individuals) in their fields. They are all leading domain experts in their respective industries, managing companies of up to hundreds of people.

I’ve been kindly offered a column in a publication that I really respect and I intend to use this valuable space in-line with the same philosophy. Each month I will introduce readers to a professional that not only represents a unique set of skills and/or access to important resources, but is very much open for you to connect with. I hope you will find this to be not only particularly helpful, but immensely empowering. Because in the end, it really is all about the People.

Tony Verb
Managing Partner | Mettā

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