[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] Wednesday 26 June 2019

During the commercials, we have shed tears empathetic to the child that smiles back at us: malnourished, orphaned, scarred – yet oceans divide us. From the comfort of a West Elm sofa inside our mortgaged, popsicle-painted homes, the ads end and we power-off our 60inch televisions. High School finals take place today, and our daughters will Graduate alongside male peers. This is our material world. Less than point 1 per cent of us will ever experience the devastation and gender inequality inside Uganda, where less than 16 per cent of girls will Graduate.

How do we change the world? How do I make a difference in a planet home to billions of inhabitants, each with their own burden? When High School grades concern me and a graduation dress must be bought. Where do we find time in our week when yoga, our masseuse and local nail spa expect us? When living in Los Angeles is so, darned competitive. When the daily ritual of harmony, perfection and social justice become a convoluted mess?

Artisanal, sustainable, ethical: values and practices that we can appreciate, of which online marketplace, ShopMy.World embodies. The platform has been tailored to the articulate, sensitive woman with social impact at its core. Its featured trendsetters of Slow Fashion from lands afar – Beirut, Paris, Nigeria, Melbourne and Sweden, employ Fair Trade Agreements, ethically sourced textiles and exquisitely detailed craftsmanship. ShopMy.World allows you and I to focus on our daily hustle, friendships and diary demands and while gifting ourselves a chiffon blouse, tweed trench or Graduation dress, we participate in the act of Giving.

Via the necessity of clothing oneself, ShopMy.World has leveraged a trillion dollar industry in its bid to correct gender inequality. Every dress sold, sends a girl to school. While more than 130 million girls worldwide are denied an education; an educated girl is 50 per cent less likely to be bartered as a child bride in Sierra Leone; and every year of education increases a young woman’s salary by at least 10-25 per cent.

ShopMy.World has harnessed the values that we strive for, in one sleek online environment. The social enterprise aims to donate 50 years of education in 2019 to catapult the future careers and business ideas for the next gen of girl role models. If every Graduation dress were to break the bonds of female oppression with a sponsored education, together we might at last watch the world begin to heal… one dress, and one girl at a time.


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With a primary focus on Girls Education and gender equality – ShopMy.World is a fashion commerce with an immediate social response. Millennial founder, Bethanie studied Business and Public Relations while pursuing a career in film. When Instagram went large, she self taught and gained momentum quickly with brands and audience. When ‘touch to shop’ AI released, she had already designed a similar Business Plan and begun discussions with Venture Capital firms – she was fast to establish partnerships with New York tech firm, Cinematique. A philanthropist and creative visionary, Bethanie has worked with several foundations from a young age including World Vision and Y-Gen Against Poverty. More recently aligning ShopMy.World with the IRC (International Rescue Committee) David Milliband, President; and the Agni Foundation and Agni College of Engineering, Agnishwar Jayaprakash, CEO / Olympic Medalist and UN Ambassador. Bethanie is spearheading the first AI motion marketplace for the Entertainment Industry with a first release in the India-market/Bollywood in March 2020.

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