Invitation to Open Day at Dalton Learning Lab

On Saturday September 23rd, you (and a photographer) are invited to Open Day at Dalton Learning Lab, Hong Kong’s first after-school lab dedicated to preparing students aged 4-13 for a world dominated by technology, robotics and A.I. The Lab was conceived by technology entrepreneur Yat Siu of Outblaze, together with Peggy Yeoh and Eva To.
Dalton Learning Lab addresses significant weaknesses in Hong Kong’s education system by providing an environment where children can experiment and develop useful skills that will remain relevant in the world of tomorrow: divergent thinking, creativity, collaboration, problem solving, and other important “out of the box” skills, in addition of course to digital fluency.

The Open Day will showcase course samplers in which children aged 4-13 can participate in project-based learning in courses on robotics, coding, digital art and music. Yat Siu will be present to share his thoughts on education and take questions.

Dalton Learning Lab was established by renowned innovator and technology leader Yat Siu, the founder and CEO of Outblaze, in partnership with Peggy Yeoh and Eva To, who are Hong Kong partners of the progressive Dalton schooling system.

Yat Siu has a decades-long track record in successful technology entrepreneurship. Being a tech innovator, classically trained musician, and the father of three children, Yat has a keen interest in education and edtech. He grew concerned at how the Hong Kong school system emphasizes book learning and standardized testing at the expense of skills and knowledge that are increasingly important for the economy of tomorrow.

In light of this gap between education and the needs of the future, Yat, Peggy and Eva set up the Dalton Learning Lab to supplement children with the skills and knowledge that are not sufficiently emphasized by the formal education system.

Open Day Event Details
Date: Saturday 23rd September, 2017
Time: 11.00 – 15.00
Venue: Unit 301, 3/F, Core A, Cyberport 3
– Introductions by Yat Siu, co-founder of Dalton Learning Lab (10 minutes)
– Project-based learning sessions for children (15 minutes)
– Q&A (5 minutes)

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For more information, contact Mark Leeper:; (852) 9142 1510

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