Introducing Coworking with Baby Day!

What’s Coworking with Baby Day?

Although dozens of cowork spaces have sprung-up in Hong Kong in recent years, none have dedicated childcare facilities to support parent-entrepreneurs.

Such facilities already exist San Francisco, Tokyo, and London and more are projected to open. We believe this will be a big trend in coming years! (View international coworking trends here)

While it would be a big undertaking for existing cowork spaces to add on dedicated childcare facilities, we propose just ONE DAY a week for existing coworking spaces to devote a conference room for hosting babies and caretakers while the parent holds meetings, networks, and stays active in the entrepreneurial community, all while having their child nearby.

Starting May 2015 you can take your baby to cowork at the following spaces in Hong Kong. Please RSVP in advance.

Participating Hong Kong Partners: 

  • CoCoon: Every Friday $300 HKD Day Pass available for members and non-members.
    • Address: 3/F Citicorp Centre, 18 Whitfield Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. +852 3158 2999
  • The Loft: Every Monday, $40 HKD per hour or daily rate of $180 HKD.
    •  Address: Lee King Industrial Building, 12 Ng Fong St, Hong Kong, +852 3905 1000
  • Tuspark: Every Tuesday, $150 HKD Day Pass available for members and non-members.
    • Address: Tuspark HK Innovation Hub, 118 Wai Yip St, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, +852 2341 4900

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Let’s Go Global!

We hope this initiative will catch on internationally! If you run a coworking space and are interested in joining, please contact our team:

View our press release, here.


Q: Why can’t the new parent come alone to the cowork space?

Many new parents may not want to leave their child with a caretaker for the day. They may  prefer to have their babies nearby.

Q: What age range is this program intended for?

Babies ages 3 months to 24 months. This is the hardest time for a new parent because few options are available for daytime childcare.

Q: Are childcare services provided?

No, please bring your own caretaker.

Q: How can a parent book this room?

Please contact each cowork space directly to reserve your spot.

Q: How many parents/babies can particpate?

There’s capacity for about 5 babies+caretakers for each space.

Q: How can coworking spaces create the best experience for this initiative?

Listen to the feedback of those using your facilities. In the future, you can look to providing extra services for caretakers such as CPR classes, cooking, hygiene or any other classes that can benefit caretakers and their families.

Q: How can my cowork space participate?

Email Jumpstart to pledge your participation.


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