Interview with Welle, a Gadget that Makes any Surface Interactive

Can you tell us about your product?
Our product is called Welle. It can turn any surface into a smart interface. With its Sonar-embedded handwriting recognition technology, Welle can recognize your hand movement and read what you are writing or doing on any surface. You can control any device anywhere with Welle.

How did you come up with this idea?

We have been working on this product for over one year and have been working on sensing-technology research for over two years. We have noticed two problems with current technology. First, there is limited surface within devices. Instead of just moving a finger on a smartwatch, we want to be able to expand the interactive surfaces of current devices. Secondly, the input richness of devices is very limited. You can only poke at a screen – with, maximum, two fingers. Given these two issues, we came up with the idea of Welle to expand the interactive surface and input richness of devices.

How does Welle work?

With our product attached to your wall, there is no need to limit your movement to just your smart-interface. The control area is expanded to the area directly below your device, and there is no need to attach any additional wires for detection and use. Welle acts as a control gadget. Besides simple gestures, like moving up and down or left and right, you can swipe to switch between different applications and rotate to control intensity. Don’t dig around for your remote control anymore – use Welle as your TV remote, and with a swipe on your wall or table, you can change the channel. You can control your music on your wall, change the color of your light on your bedpost and play games on your desk!

How successful has your Kickstarter campaign been so far? Have you received a lot of positive feedback?  

As of the third week benchmark of our Kickstarter campaign, we are over four-times funded. We received a lot of positive feedback from bankers and they love the idea. Check us out at Kickstarter!

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