TwentyBliss, an Exhibition Platform for 20-year olds

Initially, just an exhibition in Hong Kong then expanded online, collecting stories. We hope to utilise this platform to bring together talent and curate our futures together and eventually become a series of independently organised exhibitions.

Tell us about TwentyBliss

TwentyBliss is a creative platform that empowers young emerging creatives and voices through our online collective, exhibitions and events.

Where did the idea form, and has much changed between the original concept and what you have live now?

I love collecting and telling other people’s stories and when I saw the lists that were flooding my newsfeed about “being in your twenties”, I decided I wanted to hear actual stories from individuals that were honest and real instead of being defined and generalised.

At the same time, I was looking to curate a show with a couple friends and so everything fell into place. TwentyBliss became a community. People there for the same curious reasons and people who wanted to be heard by the right audience. You can’t and will never please every body, so don’t attempt it because you don’t have to. Figure out who your target audience is and the like-minded will come together.  High tides rise all ships.

A lot has definitely changed since the inception of TwentyBliss and it continues to every single day. A minute on the Internet = an hour in real life, right? It’s insane. However, it is also probably one of my most favourite things about it; I am allowed to grow with it. The internet is inherently very social and so building something online means you actually get to talk to your audience and ask them what they want or tell them that you need a little bit of help!

I was 22 and asking people to write to me about what their twenties means to them and what they hope to achieve because I was asking myself the same questions. Now the conversations have grown to interviews, audio streams of conscious other creators and why we are so afraid to creatively put ourselves out there. I’m about to turn 24, so I definitely do not have it all figured out, but I can say that I am more confident in knowing what I want to communicate to the community.

The internet can be harsh, but it’s also the most wonderful thing when it loves you back. As long as you’re sharing with the intent of sharing and not trying to prove something, you’re on the right track of auntheticity. It’s so easy for someone to unfollow and unsubscribe to you as a human being online, so just be yourself and embrace your voice, your discovery, etc. You’ve already baited them in taking an interest on a personal level- They’re here for you. Just be that for them.

 Sarah Kohler

Sarah Kohler

Tell us about your team

I am a fortunate to be surrounded by a lot of brilliant, articulate and creative individuals. I handle the content, design, social media, curating, event planning, PR and communications. Holly Dobbin does a fantastic job researching musicians to interview, Isaac Sagastume curated and found the artists for the LA show and Aya Long shot some beautiful interviews for us that wll be coming to your eyeballs very soon!


My followers, whom I call little nuggets, are very much a part of it all too. It’s crazy that these strangers are championing this idea and believe in it as much as I do. We are given the world wide web to thrive and create whatever we want without gatekeepers. I don’t want to create something that’s exclusive. I can’t turn my back on the internet when it was given to me so generously for so little.

What are some of the biggest challenges you encountered so far?

Taking things one step at a time. Up until three years ago, I’ve always had a plan. Concrete plan… or so I thought! Going from a state of limbo to finding TwentyBliss and growing a community caused (and still does!) the part of me that very much likes to be in control, a lot of anxiety. This probably warrants an eyeroll, but it is absolutely true when people tell you that you can’t plan your life. Weeks and months go by so quickly, but so much can happen in a year.

Did you raise funds to launch TwentyBliss or was it self-funded?

TwentyBliss is self-funded at this point. I wanted to take things slow and not bring anyone else on board just yet. I want to really focus and connect with the community I had built. However, moving forward, I do have a couple ideas that I would like to explore and am now more open to the idea of a partner / investor coming on board.

What’s next for TwentyBliss? Do you see yourself starting something similar for the thirty-somethings when you reach that age group?

Ahh, I’m going to be cryptic on this one. An event will take place before the end of the year. I will be exploring new forms of content, creative outlets. Meetings may happen in another country beginning of next year.

I have six years until I turn thirty, so who knows! We’ll have to just wait and see.

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