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Interview with the founder of Somday
How did Somday come about?

Somday stands for Story Of My Day. Its spirit envelopes Hong Kong’s culture to socialise, to speak our minds and we never step down from a good deal. haha…Growing up in Hong Kong you get to see things change very rapidly, while space is scarce we naturally develop upwards. I believe in the passion the bricks and mortars possess, how hard people work at trying to get their name out on social network platforms which was a natural next step for them, however, such companies still don’t have a sustainable outreach to their local audiences since all sources they used is an international based platform, and not targeted for our culture. So naturally a local made marriage of our 2 in 1 social network coupon app was the only way I envision such opportunity.

What makes you different from other coupon sites/apps?

We are unique in the sense that we offer an up to date social network experience, something that we can say it is “100% Made in Hong Kong”, we also allow all our merchants to upload their offers freely the moment they have an event or discount offer in mind. This can guarantee that not only will they reach their targeted audience locally but will also be an instant sharable social experience online. Since we are so smartphone conscience in this day and age, it really is a win-win situation for both consumer and merchant. We are very proud of the people who are proactive in making a difference, and there is no better way than providing a tool for others who pride this in their business’s.

What’s the coupon outlook like in Hong Kong? Is it a big industry?

I think the notion of bargaining for a deal has been around forever. We just shifted from paper clipouts to reward stamps, memberships points to collective buying. We believe the instant location sensitive QR experience of being always online so that each unique user can view their surrounding events or bargain is the next big jump. Impulse buying collectively is no longer rewarding to e-commerce as we see it as a one time thing. We want both our customers and our economy to grow collectively, this is the only way everyone can win.

Being rewarded instantly is always something nice and which people desire, even if it is something small, we want to share this with our users so they can feel good about their purchases. We are merely the bridge to aid search for their nearby bargain and event. That way customers would have gained a new knowledge for the products that cater to them specifically, and in turn the shop has gained a customer who appreciates their hard work.

How do you go about getting coupons? How can a startup participate?

We are constantly on the hunt for meaningful partnerships with all types of retail owners. We want people who join us to be equally as eager to use our product similar to the spirit in their own product, as a platform this is the one element that will in turn drives us to
better serve our end user and lead in the industry. Nothing speaks louder than word of mouth and positive experience we deliver. We get a lot of referrals from retail store owners sharing to their network of friends after they discovered our app. One of the most common ways of connecting originate from a simple email through our website or VIA the Somday App.

What’s the best way to drive user downloads?

Getting downloads is a challenge for everyone in the industry because there are so many giants out there paving the yellow brick road while we mow the lawn and think of ways to get ahead. For us, its all about ingenuity, as long as we have a mindset to attract our targeted crowd and retain them, we will plan around and execute collaboratively with our business partners. Thanks to our relationships with our retail partners that we have built, we are able to create fun events in a joint effort to gain positive feedback. So nothing is better than working hand in hand with them to reach our goals in understanding what each individual customer needs, and hopefully tapping into niche markets.

How do you monetize?

There is still a lot to tackle ahead of us, we truly believe in customer feedback and our relationships with every merchant. Currently we want to deliver the best experience possible from our online users to our offline shops. The only way a problem can be tackled is by collectively joining hands to solve an issue that is burdening our society, if we can provide this linkage to our end user, then we believe that we have succeeded in doing what is right. This is the priority in building our product.

What do you think of the startup scene in HK? 

The community definitely has a lot of heart, passion and dedication. After-all, we are all searching for the same results which is to build relationships for a better foundation so that we can change and affect lives now and for our future generation. We Hong Kongers are very resilient because we are fortunate enough to see the full spectrum of an asian and western culture collaboratively mixed into one. If this spirit and voice can then be passed on to our users to unite and support local made products this would definitely be the startup goal; because at the end of the day, without change there would be no room
for innovation, no room for a brighter tomorrow.

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