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Interview with Food Blogger – Jasmine & Ginger

Tell us about your blog?

Jasmine & Ginger is a recipe blog, with family-friendly recipes from both the East and West. I try to make local Chinese food a little more friendly and recognizable to people unfamiliar with the more eclectic, local items; like snow fungus and pickled mustard greens! I also have a market guide to things found in the wet market or dry goods shops here, with a phonetic pronunciation guide.  Occasionally, I also review restaurants or products.


How / when did you get into food writing? Do you do anything else food related?

Jasmine&Ginger LogoI began my blog as a way of combating homesickness and new motherhood when my son was just born. I was on a very long maternity leave and feeling quite isolated and lonely in the UK. Now I write for a few magazines and websites, both in HK and abroad. Food-related? Well, I cook every night for my son and I, if that counts. I throw great kids’ parties too!


Who have you written for?

Foodie, Sassy Mama HK, All Abroad Baby, Malt-O-Meal and PlayTimes.


Is it a hobby/job? Is it possible to earn money as a food blogger in HK?

It is very definitely a hobby. If I could earn money blogging, I would! I would quit my day job and do this full-time. Sadly, I think the market is very saturated. I’ve noticed that everyone is a food blogger here in HK and a critic! It is very definitely a labor of love.


Where are you from/how long have you been in HK?

I was born and raised in HK and have lived here for most of my life.

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How has the food scene evolved in HK in the last year?

In the last few years, there has been a real rise in “celebrity” chefs from abroad opening restaurants here, which has made for some interesting restaurants. There has also been a huge wave in creativity from home-grown entrepreneurs; lots of small businesses with great vision for clean-eating, locally-sourced produce, ethically sound restaurants, delis and markets; which makes me very proud to be a Hong-Konger!


How are you promoting your blog?

I don’t really. I have a Facebook page and Twitter account, but that’s it.


What are some of your favorite food businesses in HK?

Small delis like Pata Negra House and Food for Foodies, who are bringing in artisanal food from abroad, so I don’t go without my fix for chorizo and cheese! Also, people like Happy Cow ice-cream, who are doing amazing and healthy ice-cream. Island East Markets is wonderful for the small businesses. Grassroots Pantry for yummy, nutritious, exciting healthy food. And the small mom-and-pop shops selling traditional food items that have been going year in and out for decades. All of them!


Anything missing from Hong Kong’s food scene?

Not really. I think we have been slower than other places in getting on trends like good coffee, food markets, pop-ups, eating clean, etc. but we’re getting there, and there really is room for everyone.


Your favorite cuisine / your view on food.

I really like that saying; “Don’t eat C.R.A.P. – carbonated, refined, artificial, or processed.” I don’t feed it to my kid, why would I eat it?  That said, I’d be a BIG liar if I didn’t admit I need my pizzas and chocolate biscuits too.  Just a little bit now and then is all you need, though. As for cuisine, there are too many to name. I just like food made with love.

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