Interview with Mr. Geonwoo Lee from You Can Star Co. Ltd, a startup from Korea developing games for mobile and VR

Can you tell us about your company, the VR device and the game your company is developing?
Our company was established last year and we have developers from Korea developing fascinating mobile and VR games. We did not actually develop the VR device. Instead, we are designing games that fit into the Gear VR device that Samsung has offered us. In this game, the main character is a researcher and a biologist called Jacob who has unfortunately lost his wife and daughter due to a pandemic, so he tries to revive them.

Sounds great! What is your target market? Are you going to launch it globally or target the Asia market first?

We want to go for the global market! Right now, we only have Korean and English versions of the game, but when the opportunity comes, we will develop versions in other languages like Chinese and Japanese. At the moment, all of our developers are working really hard to create more elements to be launched in July. We’re sure it will be a global hit!

Where can we buy your game and what is the price range of your product?

We are planning to release it to Oculus, a website for Gear VR games and devices so Gear VR users can easily buy them online for around USD10, which is the average price of games on Oculus, but we are still thinking about the pricing as we would have much more content by the time we launch it.

Thank you for talking to us. Good luck on the launch and we look forward to seeing your product in July!

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