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Interview with Metal Works

PMQ brings creative space to Hong Kong on a scale never previously experienced. Over 100 creative designers, businesses and entrepreneurs occupy the light and spacious Aberdeen Street location. Some of the first to experience the challenges and successes of this new, untested venue talk to us about their experiences as part of this exciting and innovative venture.

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Metalwork logoMetal Works, lead by designer Ivan Keung, offers distinctive, innovative metal work designs in a modern, contemporary space.

Tell us about your company

With 8 years of silver accessory design and production experience, Ivan Keung, a silver accessory designer in Hong Kong, created 794729metalwork in April, 2014. In this store, his unusual and exceptional ideas can be seen through his work made of gold, silver and copper. Apart from his solos, there are also artworks created together with a number of local designers and artists. According to the periodic table of chemical elements, No.79 stands for gold, while No.47 stands for silver and No.29 stands for copper. Ivan Keung makes use of these 3 elements to create something different. The work presented by 794729metalwork are originally designed by Ivan Keung and exquisitely carved by silversmiths.

metalworks anchorWhat has your experience been like having a shop at PMQ?

PMQ is a place where local designers are gathered, and it is no doubt a nice place for us to launch our brand. However, it is quite inconvenient to get here, and we think this place needs more promotion and advertising to let more people know about this place.

What are some challenges of running a shop at PMQ? 

Unlike other shopping malls and department stores, there are only a few people visiting PMQ during weekdays affecting the sales of the shops at PMQ. Therefore, more promotion and events are needed to attract more people to visit.

Tell us about the process for applying for a spot in PMQ 

Every applicant was required to be interviewed and after 4 months, we were noticed that we were able to launch our brand at PMQ. We have a 2-year contract with PMQ.

Tell us about the process of setting up your shop. Can you do anything with your space?Metalshop interior

We mainly use custom made wooden furniture in our shops in order to coordinate with our concept; Nature. Also, there is a jewelry work bench in our shop which is used for some simple jewelry repair. There are several product shots in our store and we also hang a huge poster outside in order to attract more customers to visit our shop.

Would you recommend that a company opens up a shop in PMQ? Any thoughts/tips for potential shop owners that are thinking of launching in PMQ?

Better start up with a limited quantity of products and see if there is enough demand for the product. If yes, then more should be produced in order.

If you have more than one shop, how does PMQ compare to the other one? More or less sales/traffic?

Comparing 794729metalwork with another brand, Silversmith, the sales of 794729metalwork is actually lower than the other shops.

Any tips for a new business considering joining PMQ?

Product differentiation is what should be focused on. The product should be unique in order to stand out from the others.


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