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Interview with MaiDan

MaiDan Hong Kong

Tell us about yourself!

MaiDan was born out of the overwhelming frustration of ordering takeout in Hong Kong. There is an abundance of great restaurants in Hong Kong that are limited by their accessibility. Consumers constantly face language barriers, low standards of customer service, high restaurant turnover, and limited sources of restaurant reviews. The founders of MaiDan are Tim Ho, Tem Hansen, and Tommy Chan. We created MaiDan to be a simple tool to connect, order and track food deliveries with local restaurants.

When will we be able to place an order?

MaiDan Catering serves hundreds of office workers a day in Central. We are currently fine-tuning the MaiDan app in beta, allowing takeout ordering for 30 restaurants in Central.

How was your experience building the app?

Hong Kong is an incredible environment to build, test and launch a product as consumers adapt and abandon quickly. There are several communities of talented people combined with the accessibility of angel funding that comes from Hong Kong’s banking sector. Our team is lucky to be part of such a cooperative environment where we can utilize our experience in F&B and digital marketing.

Are you part of a coworking space?

Our team frequents Cocoon and VECTR. Both have great people and offer a wealth of support, advice and resources.

Why does Hong Kong need this service? How is it different to foodbyweb and the others?

In Hong Kong we have come to expect a low benchmark for acceptable service. Services in Hong Kong simply ‘work’, they do not strive to solve problems or excel at their craft, and instead they are the best possible response to a large set of constraints. We face low wages leading to inattentive service staff, high rent causing extensive restaurant turnover, and an under developed business support service that would allow for the swift advancement of e-commerce and tech based solutions. MaiDan has enrolled services in and outside of Hong Kong that will allow our customers to choose restaurants and dishes with ease and order quickly.

What’s your favorite place to order food from? 

MANA! This restaurant is the only reason I eat vegetables!

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