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LittleMissMacrons –

Tell us about your business!

The business is focused on making gluten free products that actually look and taste good. The business was only launched recently, although I’ve been baking for a few years now.

What was your inspiration to start the business? 

I’ve been baking for family and friends for several years. My husband and a couple of friends are gluten intolerant and as my baking skills and knowledge improved, I realized that it’s possible to prepare some fantastic tasting gluten free food. I’ve received a lot of very positive comments not just from them, but also from professionals that I’ve met over the last few years and that has given me the confidence to have a go at running it as a business.

How long did it take you to setup your business?

To be honest, I’m still considering exactly which direction to take. I don’t have any formal training or a background in catering, so I’m trying to take it one small step at a time, which will give me a chance to decide if I’d prefer to have a little shop, take private orders, give lessons, or try everything!

Where do you make your desserts?

For family, I’ve been working in my little kitchen at home, but lately I’ve been working at “Kitchen Sync”. They offer excellent facilities and charge by the hour. This means I have access to a professional set up without having to commit to renting and other set-up costs. Lori and Patrick who run Kitchen Sync have also been exceedingly friendly and helpful, so things have not been as daunting as I expected.

Little Miss Macarons


Where do you source your ingredients from?

My ingredients come from a variety of places. Sometimes I order online or from overseas suppliers if I can’t find things locally, although I do try to use small local shops if I can.

How many employees do you have?

Just myself at the moment, although I think if things get busy I’ll need to find some help!

How are you funded?

Because I’ve been using the facilities at “Kitchen Sync” I’ve not needed any real funding as such. However, if things take off, I’ll need to consider setting up a proper kitchen and that’s where the cost will be.

What are your biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge is deciding at what point I go from doing this almost as a hobby, to taking on the financial commitment of setting up as a full time business with my own kitchen.

LMM macaron treeWhat do you love the most about this business?

I find experimenting with new recipes really enjoyable and obviously get a lot of pleasure when people tell me how good the food looks and tastes, especially if they’ve previously tried gluten free and not enjoyed it.

Who are your go to business mentors in HK?

I’ve received a lot of support, advice and encouragement from Gregoire Michaud, Jason Black, Johnny Glover, Aarik Persaud, Lori & Patrick Granito.

How do you promote your business online and offline?

As I’m trying to take things slow, it’s just recommendations at the moment. I do however have a blog,, that I try to update when I do something new. Also on the 15/6 I was invited by the Butchers Club to provide macaroons and other gluten free pastries at ‘The Southside Market Long Lunch’.


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