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LoveBites food blog was born out of a passion for the simple pleasures of eating, traveling and writing. I wanted to share these experiences with friends (and now also my readers) so that they too could enjoy! I also travel quite a bit and it is a good way to keep a list of my favorite international restaurants.
Tell us how you got into food writing? Do you do anything else food related?

I started my LoveBites blog in September 2011, as a hobby more than anything else. I am obsessive about food and it was just an organic step in the right direction to start writing about it. I also love to cook and if the recipe turns out well, I’ll put it on the blog.

LoveBItes logoWho have you written for?

I was honored to be asked by Foodie Magazine to write in their blogger column for several issues and would be happy to do more for other publications!

Is it a hobby/job? Is it possible to earn money as a food blogger in HK?

I’m sure it’s possible to earn money as a blogger through advertising, associate links and other means, but I really just do this just for fun. Of course, I wouldn’t say no to it! But within reason – credibility is important to me and I rarely accept offers from restaurants to sample their cuisine. If I do, it is stated clearly. I want to be known for writing honestly about my experiences.

JLB1Where are you from/how long have you been in HK?

I am Eurasian (Chinese/English) and was born in Indonesia but have lived here for 18 years and counting! As such, I call it home and will forever be bound to Hong Kong.

How has the food scene evolved in HK in the last year?

It had evolved massively! Hong Kong catches onto food trends very quickly, although we do tend to overdo it sometimes with certain trends – one can only eat so many foie gras mini-burgers! As a city, it’s really starting to gain credibility as a foodie haven on an international level. The increasing presence of international chefs and their restaurants here is testament to that.

How are you promoting your blog?

I am terrible at promoting my blog! There are only so many hours in the day and I work full time in my family business as a jeweler. I only use Facebook to promote my posts and have been meaning to get on Instagram but never get around to it! I am also always happy to contribute to interviews and articles such as this one in Jumpstart Magazine.

What are some of your favorite food businesses in HK?

I love private kitchens in general – in a perfect world I would start one myself, so I always admire the tenacity and bravery of those who start their own – it’s not the easiest of businesses. I am also happy to see more organic farms and weekend food markets popping up – for example, my friend Green Queen’s pop up market is excellent and I am so proud of her!

JLB2Anything missing from Hong Kong’s food scene?

Hong Kong has pretty much everything, doesn’t it?! Although, I did try looking for a Caribbean restaurant a while ago and there are none that I know of. I lived in the Cayman Islands when I was younger and occasionally get cravings for beef patties!

What is your favorite cuisine and your view on food?

As I get older, I’ve started to prefer light meals with innovative preparations and I’m a stickler for presentation. I recently went to NUR and that was one of my favorite meals of late. Having said that, I really love an authentic thin crust pizza, or good burger and hand cut fries every now and then!


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