Interview with Ignite Vision Group

Tell us about Ignite Vision Group
The Ignite Vision group was founded in Hong Kong in 2007. We are one of the leading advertising technology companies in the region. We specialize in building high-tech online advertising platforms including (The world’s first affiliate network that covers Chinese websites in all parts of the world), (one of the earliest mobile ad networks in China) and Consumers precise directional marketing platform).


Who are your major clients?

Ignite Vision Limited has built an extensive network coverage of online media across China and South East Asia. It serves advertisers ranging from e-commerce companies, online travel agencies, banks, insurance companies, to online research companies such as Expedia,,, Agoda, Rakuten,, Microsoft, Nielsen, Citibank, etc. In each case, Ignite Vision Limited referred leads or orders to the advertiser and charges it based on actual results.


What is the difference between Affiliate Marketing and traditional media buying?

Affiliate Marketing helps companies achieve specific marketing objectives through various channels, platforms and execution methods, including banner Advertising, Social Media Marketing, EDM, Advertorial, etc. These objectives are usually measurable. Some examples are number of members, enquiries and game players. Moreover, Performance Marketing only charge clients by result, which enables clients to get a positive ROI for each dollar spent. To conclude, Performance Marketing is one of the best marketing approaches for start-up companies.


Can you offer your advice on running an Affiliate Marketing campaign?

My number-one tip for someone considering an Affiliate Marketing campaign: Figure out what you want to achieve in the campaign. Someone may look for direct sales and some may just want a quality lead. After deciding the main objective for the Affiliate Marketing, then can start discussing with your Affiliate Account manager and design one best suits it.


Who is the investor for your series B funding?

We are particularly proud of the funding as it comes from one of our satisfied clients. GMO Research, Inc has been a client of Ignite Vision Limited since 2013 in the online research arena, and especially in the China market.


What’s next for Ignite Vision Group?

After this round of investment, we will be more aggressive in business development in Asia Pacific, especially the South East Asia market. Besides, we will also allocate more resources to help local startup in expanding their business through our Affiliate Marketing Network.

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