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1. Tell us about HK Liquor Store. How and when did you get started?
HK Liquor Store was founded in August of 2012. We founded this company due to our passion of wines and spirits. We were surprised Hong Kong hasn’t got a “Liquor Store” to sell wide varieties of alcohols. Therefore, we decided to bring our experiences from the F&B industry into Hong kong, and thus HK Liquor Store was born.

HK Liquor Store

2. What are 3 things that you want consumers to know about your company. What makes you different?

I’d say what makes us different are that we have a large variety of items,  now over seven hundred products on our website. We strive to give consumers the best bang for their buck to enjoy the alcohols they love, whether it be wines or spirits. Furthermore, we want everyone to feel less burdened when purchasing alcohol because, as we all know, bottles weigh a lot. HK Liquor Store offers free delivery at a very low minimum purchase order.

3. There’s been a huge spike of alcohol-related start-ups in Hong Kong, why do you think that is?

Hong Kong is a first-class city by world standard, so it is obvious people living in it know how to enjoy life. Wine and spirits is an enjoyment, a way of life, and there are millions of brands out there to be discovered. Therefore, all the recent alcohol-related start-up companies are educating the mass on the existence of such brands. The duty free status on wines also contribute to the spike in the statistics. However companies that put a focus on spirits and hard liquor, which is still taxed with 100% coming into Hong Kong, are still relatively rare in comparison to wine shops start-ups.

4. Tell us about some trends in wine/liquor business in Hong Kong and globally.

We have noticed the world is shifting towards a more “fusion” concept of wine/liquor. For example, you may see Japanese companies creating sparkling sake, or American companies that made aged whiskies in aluminum still instead of wooden barrel. The world is experimenting with new ideas to make alcohol more interesting.

We think Hong Kong had and will always be a wine focused city due to its rich history of fine dining and prestigious events hosted there, yet with people getting more educated and curious about the wine and spirit world, we feel that spirits and liquor will slowly make it’s way into people’s everyday routine just like beer and wine. Just look at the recent whisky craze, we think Hong Konger will catch on to other drinks that’s popular around the world and we want to be in the front row seat when that happens.

5. What’s your personal favorite wine/liquor?

We love all kinds of wines and spirits! Each has their own merit for different occasions. We also love trying new things so won’t let having a “favorite” stop that.


Interview with Rick Ma, co-founder of HK Liquor Store

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