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PMQ brings creative space to Hong Kong on a scale never previously experienced. Over 100 creative designers, businesses and entrepreneurs occupy the light and spacious Aberdeen Street location. Some of the first to experience the challenges and successes of this new, untested venue talk to us about their experiences as part of this exciting and innovative venture.

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513 Paint Shop offers environmentally friendly and non toxic paints for homes and interiors, showcased through a range of quality lifestyle products and a constantly updated shop interior. 513 Paint Shop aims to spark creativity and inspire clients. 

Tell us about your company

513 Paint Shop is our first concept store focusing on environmentally friendly and safe paints for home/office interiors.  We aim to inspire individuals to get creative and be passionate about their own environment and surroundings. We also have some very artistic handmade products like hand-drawn canvases, cushions/lampshades with special-finish fabric which we’ve created to sell in the shop.

What has your experience been like having a shop at PMQ?

It has been amazing!  Because of the many different aspects of PMQ attracting many different sectors of society, we have had exposure like we’d never have anywhere else; from media to business collaboration opportunities; the range is much wider than we had anticipated.  In terms of sales, we understand that our products and market are very new in Hong Kong and would perhaps take some time for visitors to come back with their real needs, but within just a few short months, we’re seeing more clearly the diversity of our market as well.

 513 Paintshop colour image

513 Paintshop colour image

What are some challenges of running a shop at PMQ?  Perhaps because PMQ has such a diversity of creative businesses, sometimes the visitors/traffic are drawn in for many different reasons and some could be here not knowing what they would find, so they really just aim to browse. But we can’t complain, at least this provides exposure to as many diverse groups as possible.

Tell us about the process of setting up your shop.

We designed our own shop because we have expertise in interior architecture and decoration.  We painted the feature wall ourselves, and of course all the walls/ceiling in the shop were painted with our own VOC free, and toxin free paints!

Would you recommend that a company opens up a shop in PMQ? Any thoughts/tips for potential shop owners that are thinking of launching in PMQ?

Yes, if they’re a creative business, this is really the place to be for all the exposure you’d get by simply being in PMQ.  As in any other launch of business today, you must have a unique selling point which you truly believe and are passionate about and that would set your story apart.

 513 Paint Shop intererior

513 Paint Shop intererior

Is the exposure you’re getting helping you grow to open up another shop?

Well, it’s only been a little over 3 months, but we’re confident that the foundation for building up our reputation is solidly being established and our business will grow and we will open up other branches elsewhere.

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