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Slow loading websites can mess up a bunch of things. For one, they can turn away potential visitors sending them straight to the next website, aka your competitors. And they can also mess up your SEO (search engine optimization) plans because search engines track how long visitors stay on any given website and if you have a high bounce rate (a metric showing that visitors leave right away) this can negatively impact your website.
So how do you check how fast your website loads?

Below are some free tools to check for site’s speed. You should check your site’s speed on couple of tools because each may show a slightly different take on what to improve. Some data is pretty straightforward that even non-techies can understand like reducing your image size. And often that’s just what is needed to make a difference. We were able to improve our load time by 2 seconds just by resizing two images on our homepage improving our grade from C to A!

1. PageSpeed Insights. This is a Google tool so pay attention to this one:

Page Speed Insights for Yahoo

This free tool can tell gives you a GRADE for page load on mobile and desktop and show you which specific improvements to make to increase your speed.

2. GTMetrix

This site gives you a page speed grade, load time, and specific recommendations on what to fix.

GTMetrix Results

So go ahead and check your website’s load time. Once you make improvements, don’t forget to resubmit your website in Google Webmaster’s tool.


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