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Seven years after its establishment and a hundred of entrepreneurial projects later, ‘Hong Kong Business Coach / Business Talents Asia’ becomes ‘Impactified’ and shifts it’s business model from pure business coaching to Impact-focused and digital-based business strategy advisory for startup entrepreneurs.

Hong Kong Business Coach was founded in 2012 under a partnership with the French business coaching brand Business Talents. Hong Kong Business Coach’s founder, Philippe Bonnet, had one main goal in mind at the time, “supporting entrepreneurs in their rather lonely entrepreneurial journey with field-proof best practices”.

Over the years, the company has accompanied entrepreneurs, but also corporate executives in need of support in times of career change, and ambitious intrapreneurs in over a hundred entrepreneurial projects, from business coaching to strategy planning and leadership development. In 2019, an intrapreneurial business strategy and leadership development program was also built with Hong Kong’s leading law faculty – CUHK Law.

Seven years later, a page is however being turned, and with the arrival of CUHK Law’s outgoing Head of Impact Strategy Dr Antoine Martin Hong Kong Business Coach and Business Talents Asia are becoming Impactified.

“Impact is increasingly trendy in academic fields”, says Martin, “but giving public talks to education-focused entrepreneurs has rapidly made me realize that making an Impact is a major concern that many startup entrepreneurs and executives want to tackle, because just making money doesn’t work anymore. In fact, Impact is the bit that everyone wants, and it goes far deeper than mere innovation. The problem is just to know where to start”.

An entrepreneurial adventure.

Beyond a major evolution in terms of branding, Impactified marks the beginning of a new business adventure.

At the heart of Impactified’s DNA is the idea that business-as-usual isn’t enough anymore, and that making a difference ought to be a central component of every business. The founders call that making an Impact, and they believe that being Impactful in business is more than an ambition – it is a philosophy.

“Startups want to make an Impact but always say that they don’t know where to start, so we give them an Impact process to start with and we follow them along the way” says Bonnet. “We always say that Business Karma is a big thing because nothing happens randomly, but like it or not, at the end of the day there can be no Impact without strategy and implementation”.

Strong of their rather unusual experience, the Impactified co-founders and their team will now invest in turning usually inaccessible business coaching technics into digital tools which will be made available to a growing population of startup entrepreneurs, as well as through a franchising model currently under development.

“Business coaching is a method, not a job”, say Bonnet and Martin, who also add that “what really matters is the ability of coaches not only to coach but also to do and live an entrepreneur’s life”.

“There is nearly 600 million entrepreneurs on the planet and the number is increasing dramatically because the economic models are changing, yet most startup founders won’t have a hundred thousand dollars to invest in an MBA. So how can they do?” asks Bonnet.

“Beyond just coaching”, the co-founders say, “the purpose is to help entrepreneurs as entrepreneurs, by challenging the Impactfulness of their business models while giving them access to digital tools which integrate best business practices with a no-brainer formula which draws heavily from Design Thinking and makes a visible Impact out there”.

“Design Thinking can make a real difference because it gets people – not just startups – to talk about the deep issues” says Martin, who is accredited in Design Thinking by the leading IDEO and introduced the method in CUHK Law and commonly used the method with entrepreneurs.

“The purpose of Impactified is to make a difference”, say its founders, “and using a mix of business coaching, design thinking and digital tools is the best way we can think of to empower entrepreneurs for a challenging 21st century”.


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