#impact Podcast tracks down Hong Kong’s most inspiring changemakers

17 February 2017 (Hong Kong) – #impact Podcast’s bi-weekly production just entered the iTunes Store. Recorded in Hong Kong and presented by Regina Larko, this interview series portrays people making a social impact with the work they do. Though the topics are serious, the conversations are relaxed. Subscribing and listening to the episodes is free; the insights, however, are priceless.

#impact Podcast’s vision is simple. The show aims to raise awareness for its guests work with social impact by giving them a platform to share their voice. Literally. But there is a twist.

“Although the organisation’s work is an integral part of each episode, I set out to portray personal stories. I want to find out what gets my guests out of bed in the morning, how they keep going even if times get tough and what decisions led them into their value-driven careers in the first place,” says Regina Larko, host and producer of #impact Podcast.

From rooftops to cafés, from co-working spaces to a former army base, the places where #impact Podcast records represent the noise and contrasts of busy and buzzing Hong Kong, a place most of #impact Podcast’s guests call home.

About #impact Podcast
Based in Hong Kong, #impact Podcast targets listeners interested in social impact careers and social entrepreneurship. Hosted by Regina Larko, #impact Podcast is released bi-weekly and is available for subscription on iTunes
For more information, contact Regina Larko at media@hashtagimpact.com or visit the official website http://www.hashtagimpact.com

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