Impact investing Heroes

By : Kelly Cho


Giant Leap Fund is Australia’s first venture capital fund that is 100% dedicated to investing in impact startups. The fund was founded by Will Richardson in 2016, where his aim was to bring about a more socially equitable and environmentally sustainable world through the medium of investment. Ultimately, the fund’s mission is to inspire the next generation to build purpose-driven businesses that work toward a better future.


One of their most notable portfolio companies is Full Cycle Bioplastics. The company works on an elegant closed-loop solution that diverts harmful waste from landfills and transforms it into a plastic-like material. This material replaces the use of harmful oil-based plastics and can be broken down organically. Along with its tangible environmental efforts, the company also creates commercial value at the waste management and material production end. Hence, it embodies Giant Leap’s ideology brilliantly. 


In the long-term, Giant Leap’s goal is to make the phrase ‘impact investing’ disappear, as the firm hopes it will become the norm for all forms of investment. While the team acknowledges that this will take time, they believe the market is heading in the right direction, stating that the renewed focus on corporate ethics, from both companies and investors around the globe, is a crucial step for achieving this vision. –KC

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