Hyper-local Marketplace App Swapit Launches SWAPIT PREMIUM

Leading Marketplace Platform Offers 1-Month Free Swapit Premium in April.
HONG KONG, Apr 12, 2016 – Swapit, the unique hyper-local marketplace for trading pre-loved items, announced today their launch of Swapit Premium – an exclusive set of premium features aimed at making it even faster to sell pre-loved or new items on the Swapit marketplace. With over 69,000 traders, Swapit is a vibrant marketplace in Hong Kong and across the region. The number of traders is currently doubling month-over-month over the past quarters, which creates a very dynamic marketplace with high marketplace liquidity.

Swapit Premium launches as a monthly subscription giving Premium Members full and unlimited access to a range of Premium Features that are aimed at closing deals significantly faster than before. During the launch month of April 2016, all customers who join Swapit Premium will get their first month of Swapit Premium for free.

“The introduction of Swapit Premium is a logical step for us. We have always said, that we want to create the most efficient and most useful marketplace for trading pre-loved and new items. Swapit Premium provides our traders the best-in-class tools and differentiates Swapit very distinctly from our competitors.” said Patrick Kosiol, CEO of Swapit. “We have listened to the outstanding feedback of our users and we’re excited to bring the set of features they were looking for. This is a major step forward to accelerate Swapit’s growth in terms of registered traders, GMV and closing rates for deals. Not to mention that many listings of new items on Swapit are offered at 90% off the list price of those products in ordinary retail shops.”

Founded in 2015 in Hong Kong, Swapit operates a hyper-local mobile marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers, who are already nearby each other. By providing an exclusive real-time experience combined with their award-winning design, Swapit has already attracted thousands of traders across the territory. Furthermore, Swapit has been accepted into industry-leading accelerator programs, such as SoftLayer Catalyst, Microsoft BizSpark and Facebook’s FbStart, which provide access to over US$200,000 worth of products and services. Swapit has raised funding from Aria Ventures and Private Equity in late 2015 and early 2016.

About Swapit

Swapit Limited is a technology-driven company that is revolutionizing the way people trade pre-loved and new goods in densely populated areas. Led by mobile entrepreneurs with a combined industry experience of over 40 years, Swapit is built from the ground-up, as a largely scalable business to ensure rapid growth and high margin revenue generation. By focusing on a superior customer experience, the Swapit team makes product decisions purely based on excelling customer happiness. For more information, visit: http://www.swapit.la

The Swapit logo is available at: http://press.swapit.la

About Aria Ventures

Aria Ventures, a division of The Aria Group, provides early stage seed funding to technology startups globally. Its mission is to find talented entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that have the potential to be a significant disruptive force in their respective industries.

The Aria Group is a Hong Kong-based family office with a multi-strategy investment platform and invests in various asset classes globally, including fixed income, equities, real estate, private equity and other alternative investments such as hedge funds. For more: http://www.ariagp.com/

Patrick Kosiol
Co-Founder & CEO, Swapit Limited
patrick@swapit.la +852-2892-7330

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