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How to Shoot an Introduction Video for Your Startup

By Seb Robert | When it comes to digital content, the video is king. It’s an opportunity to communicate the essence of your brand in a more accessible and human way, and introduction videos not only offer an overview of your business and its services, but it can also help to establish your brand voice.


Currently, video content gains by far the most attention online thanks to its inherently engaging nature, with a third of online activity spent being taken up by video streaming. Including a video intro on your website’s homepage can keep users on your site longer, as well as boost conversions.


Comscore found that “visitors who view videos stay on a website two minutes longer than those who don’t.” In the online world, two minutes is a very long time.


The benefits of video content don’t stop there. Explanatory videos can also have a substantive effect on your conversion rates. Just ask the team at, the Salesforce-owned performance management platform. When decided to add a video intro to their homepage, they saw conversion rates increase by 20%.


The benefits of adding video content to your website are clear, but many founders are put off by what seems like a daunting task. If that sounds like you, take a look at our top tips on shooting your own intro video.


Do your research


You don’t need to be the next Quentin Tarantino to shoot a great intro video, but you do need to know the basics. You’ll likely have an overall vision for your video, however, effectively communicating that message will require you to have the tools to do so. For example, if you’re shooting outdoors, then you might consider buying a sturdy tripod and a dedicated audio recorder or microphone to ensure your audio is the best it can be.


Get started by harnessing the resources at your fingertips and delve into online tutorials, blogs, and forums. It’s a great idea to read up on aspects such as audio considerations, lighting, script development, and equipment before you begin.


Think about your key message


If there’s one thing you don’t want to do in your intro video, it’s waffle. The best videos are the ones which have a clear, concise message. They get to the point, and they do it quickly. To ensure your video is well structured and doesn’t leave users guessing, make sure you plan it well in advance. Before you get to the shooting stage, you’ll want to have a concrete idea of the key message your video is going to convey and a great script that you’re 100% happy with.


A well-structured script should, first and foremost, grab the attention of your audience. Then, it should clearly explain what the video is about. Finally, it needs to speak directly to the audience about why this product or service is relevant to them, and how it can alleviate their pain points.


For inspiration, take a look at this TED talk by Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting. We love the structure of her introduction–it instantly got our attention.


Keep it snappy


Ever found yourself starting an explanatory video, seeing it’s over six minutes long and clicking off with a sigh? Us too, and it’s easy to see why. We’re constantly being bombarded with online content, which means our attention span is at an all-time low. It’s estimated to be just eight seconds–that’s shorter than the attention span of a goldfish.


To ensure you get the best results from your video, we recommend you keep it short and sweet. Your video shouldn’t be longer than two minutes, or you’ll risk losing your audience before the end.


Convey your company’s character


Often, companies make the mistake of adding an intro video that’s overly corporate, with little room for personality. It’s easy to forget that your users are people. To engage with them, you need to speak to them on a personal level.


Think about how you might be able to inject a few personal touches into your video content. You might want to add clips of your team to put a few faces behind the brand or if it makes sense for your brand, inject some humor. If your video is going to make a real impact, you need it to stand out from the crowd.


It can be challenging to know where to begin when shooting your own intro video, but it’s well worth the effort considering the value it offers to your brand and customer. So, unleash your creativity and design an intro video that lets them know what you can do for them.


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Seb Robert is the founder of Gophr, a London based courier service delivering across the UK. With a desire to combine value and efficiency with technology, Seb aims to bring transparency and speed to an industry that has lacked any real innovation in recent years. When he’s not busy streamlining the delivery process, you’ll find Seb sampling new breakfast places or building up his sneaker collection.

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