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Hong Kong’s Music Tech Startup Soundbrenner Receives Over $1,500,000 HKD In Pre-orders On Kickstarter In Less Than 24 Hours

Hong Kong, October 5, 2018 – Soundbrenner launched their new 4-in-1 Smart Music Wearable for musicians on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter earlier this week on Tuesday. Less than 24 hours later it already had accumulated over $1.500,000 HKD in pre-orders from backers of over 50 countries, allowing the Hong Kong startup to reach 400% of their initial funding goal on the first day of the campaign. This makes Soundbrenner’s campaign one of the most successful in Hong Kong’s crowdfunding history.

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The new wearable called Soundbrenner Core combines the accuracy of professional music tools with the convenience of wearable technology. It features all of the most important essential tools, including a vibrating metronome, a magnetic twist tuner, a decibel meter and an everyday watch. It is designed for every musician in the world, from beginner to professional and regardless of the instrument.

“Today’s music tools are so bad, that we don’t use them as often as we should, ultimately making us worse musicians. Instead of using nothing or compromising with basic apps, you can now have the best professional tools always with you at the convenience of your wrist. Any place, any time. It’s the first device that actually gets out of the way, instead of in the way between you and your music,” explains Florian Simmendinger, CEO of Soundbrenner.

About Soundbrenner Limited Soundbrenner is a high-growth music technology startup from Hong Kong and Berlin, founded by two entrepreneurial musicians in 2014. Soundbrenner’s mission is to bring great design and advanced technology to every musician on the planet, by combining wearable music tools with great software. This product ecosystem is designed to be used every single time music is made anywhere. To date, Soundbrenner sold and shipped over 50,000 wearables, which are available in music stores in over 40 countries. Soundbrenner’s apps were downloaded over 2 million times and are currently used by over 300,000 musicians every month.

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