Hong Kong Startup Takes On US$400B Recruitment Market



Hong Kong, 10 September 2018 – HR Tech, a Hong Kong-based startup, which closed first round funding in January 2018, announced today the launch of its fully automated interview capsule – The POD.

The POD tackles the challenge of automating recruitment interviews whilst still maintaining the superior candidate experience that is essential for successful hires.

The patent pending recruitment booth was built for global scale and adoption, easily transportable, it can be assembled in less than 5 minutes. The POD interviews, vets and assesses any candidate in any language for any function or role. The results are available for viewing by the client almost immediately, and accessible from the cloud at any time.

The space-saving benefits of the POD mean offices no longer have to reserve meeting rooms for interviewing or training, an important factor in cities like Hong Kong with the most expensive real estate in the world.

Retailing on a monthly subscription, the POD costs around one-third of a typical recruiter and produces three times as many interviews, with superior and objective insights.

“Of course the POD will be used within offices that are conscious of square footage cost, but it is also garnering interest from retailers and hospitality clients; worldwide these outlets struggle to attract enough candidates throughout the year and across the board” says Kate Choyce, Managing Director of HR Tech “The POD offers a creative solution to this problem by constantly converting foot traffic into a pipeline of candidates”

“Our goal is to remove bias from the interview process, to democratize, and offer personalized, consistent recruitment technology to our clients without burdening them with the additional expense or cumbersome training” continues Choyce “Sophisticated employers understand the importance of diversity, and the best candidates want to be part of organizations that promote this”

With over 150 candidate trials completed, the feedback back unanimously positive. By offering interactive, game-based assessments, and personalized interviews, clients can engage potential employees with a unique offering, positioning their respective brands as progressive employers with an eye on digital innovation.

With some of the world’s biggest recruiters vying to be first in line, HR Tech will soon commence second-round funding to facilitate the rollout of the first 500 PODs and to begin research and development on Generation 2, which will include micro facial interpretation, heart rate monitoring, BMI and heat mapping.

To learn more about HR Tech visit them on www.hrtechintl.com

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