Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Share Their Favorite Productivity Tools

Andre Hui, Co-founder, pokeguide.com

CamCard.com:  “It’s a very powerful app to scan name cards and add them to your phone contact. The character recognition is very accurate and smart such that the name, telephone number, email, fax and address, no matter English or Chinese, are handled well. It helps me especially managing numerous name cards from our merchants from day to day.”

Bob Bunger, CEO, pelago.events

Zendesk.com: “We love this tool as it is makes connecting and interacting with our customers so easy when they have a question…it’s easy to integrate into our platform and it’s free for our early startup needs! We don’t have to worry about a customer email getting buried in our inbox, since we can see very clearly in Zendesk any open enquiry and who is working on it.  And our customers love it because they have an easy, hassle-free way to get in touch!”

Elaine Tsung, Co-Founder & CEO, Garage Society

Moleskin: My beloved Moleskin diary. Apparently we use a lot of digital productivity tools but I still find my diary indispensable. I love it when I can physically cross out tasks that I schedule for myself so that I can religiously make sure that i don’t delay tasks.”

Suet Yi, Co-Founder, Time Auction

Bananatag.com: “It’s a great tool to track opens and clicks of the (cold) emails you send!”

Philip G Chiu, Founder, bmgww.com

Wrike.com: “It allows us to keep all our projects and development plans organized.”

Michelle Sun, Founder & CEO, First Code Academy

Stayfocusd.com“My favourite productivity tool is StayFocusd…it’s a Chrome extension. Sometimes I find it hard to concentrate 100% on the Internet with Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest just one click away, and this is why I find StayFocused helpful. The extension is flexible, allowing me to set the amount of time I can waste each day, determine which websites are time wasters, and decide if I’d like to block certain sites altogether.”

Malcolm Loudon, Sales Director & Co-Founder, venuehub.hk

Pipedrive.com “As a sales guy, my favourite productivity tool is Pipedrive. The interface is laid out in a visually-intuitive left to right manner, making it easy to track progress for different leads. It’s also very easy to coordinate tasks and client data with teammates”

Ben Chien, Founder, acquamedia.com.hk

Foxitsoftware.com, “Foxit – as it is free, and it lets me create PDF from docs, add signature and company chop.”

Adele Wong, Publisher and Co-Founder, theloophk.com

Slack.com: “Our whole team communicates through the Slack app. It’s a really excellent messaging platform for desktop and mobile where you can centralize discussions as well as break out into more niche groups.”

Cyrus Hui, Founder Chairman, aoku3D.com

Evernote.com“I have been a fan of Evernote for a long time. And at my ripe old age, I needed a go-to quick note taking and document capture tool that I could use on multiple devices.”

Ben Cheng,  Co-founder, Oursky.com

Trello.com“We use it for Kanban board of programming, business tasks, idea generation, blog recruitment and workflow management.”

Fanny Moritz, Founder, Netpom Web Agency

Toggl.com[It’s a] “free time-tracking software which you can use to track any task. If you are working in the digital like me, you can use it to track: the development, the different steps of your design, the updates you are doing for your clients…”

Janos Barberis, Founder, FinTech.hk

Dapulse.com“[It’s] a very clean tool to ensure that work gets done, provides a user-friendly way to get better at project management and therefore execution. Might be useful for entrepreneurs that need a better operational side.”

Jenni Higgins, Managing Director + Co-founder of higginsandhiggins.com

Samsunghdd: Although not the smartest piece of technology out there, our external hard disks have been the life line of our start up so far and we don’t go anywhere without one. We use several at a time for keeping all our files in order and we archive them when they’re full. They’re the size of a wallet with up to 4TB capacity and you can access your files anytime without the internet.


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