Hong Kong Crowdfunding Roundup

Every month, Jumpstart will provide readers with an update on new and interesting crowdfunded campaigns to watch in Hong Kong. In this week’s posts we are highlighting 5 campaigns worth watching…perhaps supporting!

1. Umbrella Here

Umbrella Sharing w/Social Media

Goal: $15,000 HKD
Raised: $9,966 HKD
Ends September 17, 2014

If you have ever been caught out in the rain without an umbrella, chances are the thought has crossed your mind to ‘hitch’ a ride with a fellow pedestrian with room to spare under theirs. However, this has the potential to be awkward and embarrassing if the other person turns you down. If only there was some way to know whether they would be happy to share?

Introducing Umbrella Here – a light that can be attached on an umbrella. Controlled by a mobile app that tells people that the umbrella is available for sharing –  it lights up just like the light you would see on a taxi. When the light is on, it represents that strangers are welcome to come in and share your umbrella.

However, that is not the only cool feature of Umbrella Here. It has a social network aspect too, enabling you to login to their website, type in the time and location you’ve met your new friend and continue your conversations. Additional features such as a notifications when you leave your umbrella behind, as  well a built in weather forecaster make this an fun and unusual campaign certainly worth watching! 

This campaign is running on Kickstarter.com 


2. Music for Everyone

Making learning piano accessible to anyone

Goal: $5000 HKD
Raised: $600 HKD
Ends September 28, 2014

Jeff Hao, a business executive with over 20 years experience in the oil industry, is the creator of the Hao Staff piano notation system. Having no musical background himself, but a desire to learn a few pieces on the piano, Jeff  devised a unique notation system that teaches you how to play music without having to be able to read music. Launched as a non-profit in 2007, Jeff’s system has helped over 1,000 people with no musical background realise their dream of playing the piano.

Jeff’s dream is to grow the Hao Staff piano sheet music library, hence embarking on this crowdfunding campaign. The library already has over 100 pieces of various difficulties and genres that are all free to download by the public.

This campaign is running on Fringebacker.com 


3. The Guardian

Take control of your digital life 

Goal: $155,000 HKD
Raised: $18900 HKD
Ends September 25, 2014

The Guardian bills themselves to be the world’s first secure solution that will allow you, the client, to effortlessly backup all your mobile devices and computers to your own private cloud. Citing numerous recent examples, they believe that existing services such as iCloud and Dropbox are not secure, and will continue to be subject to more intense hacking attempts in the future.

The guardian device is like your own personal digital safe, which allows you complete ownership and control of your valuable photos, documents and messages. I’m guessing that a lot of Hollywood celebs wished that The Guardian existed sooner!

This campaign is running on Kickstarter.com 


4. EzeeCube

Stackable media centre to manage content 

Goal: $3800 HKD
Raised: $86,000 HKD
Ends October 3, 2014

With a proliferation of personal photography devices in most people’s possession, keeping control of these images is becoming harder and harder. Scattered on phones, tablets, computers, and digital cameras, more often than not thats where they stay, a jumbled mass of duplicates. When you do get around to save them into an organized library, chances are most of your time is taken up by downloading the files, deleting the duplicates and categorizing the media. 

Welcome to EezeCube – the home-based stackable media centre that promises to wirelessly save all your photos, auto-remove duplicates and organize your media into categories such as  places, dates, events and even people. Best part is that it works on all iOS and Android devices, and the entire family can link up to the EzeeCube. And when you want to revisit memeries, simply watch the beautiful slideshows on the comfort of your own TV.

Thoroughly useful, and already  having surpassed its funding goal many times over, EezeCube promises to be one of the great crowdfunding success stories.

This campaign is running on IndieGogo.com 

5. Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive

Preserving HK’s history in 4D

Goal: $360,000 HKD
Raised: $55,384 HKD
Ends October 13, 2014

The Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive is a collaboration between the International Guoshu Association and the CUHK. The project encompasses the first-ever comprehensive digital strategy of archiving and annotating Hong Kong’s diverse and rich Kung Fu styles and traditions using state-of-the art data capture tools – using 4D technology. In addition, this archive will become a source for exhibitions and installations that promote rich cultural traditions, as well as for the development of mobile apps and other digital learning tools. The Archive, with comprehensive metadata, descriptions and physical annotations will also be a vital source of ongoing research.

This campaign is running on Fringebacker.com

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