Hong Kong Confidential Podcast Launches: Series of audio episodes cover wellbeing and social issues of city’s residents and visitors

HONG KONG (Dec 1, 2017) – An Australian woman who has been living in Hong Kong for 17 years recently started the Hong Kong Confidential podcast. Jules Hannaford has an interest in wellbeing, empowering women, education, social issues and encouraging greatness. Her aim is to share the wisdom of others with her listeners.

“Hong Kong Confidential podcast episodes are designed to educate and entertain my audience,” says Hannaford. “Since I started putting the podcasts online a few months ago, my audience has downloaded 1,900 episodes in 39 countries… and it’s still growing. Guess I’m doing something right!”

To date, Hong Kong Confidential has 13 episodes featuring interviews with a doula (birth companion), a relationship coach, a woman who was forced into an arranged marriage, abuse survivors, a children’s book author, female business owners, members of the Sindhi community, LGBTIQ advocates and activists, and many other interesting people with fascinating stories to share.

Hannaford’s efforts have already led to one sponsorship from a listener from Teresa’s Turkish Towels who was moved by a Hong Kong Confidential podcast. She is excited to see her audience grow and to have her first sponsor support Hong Kong Confidential.

“The podcasts often aren’t about happy experiences or events, but we can all learn from them,” says Hannaford. “Quite a few of them have funny moments and all of them have uplifting messages. We all need to be heard to heal and listening to the experiences of others can help the rest of us deal with what life throws at us.”

Upcoming Hong Kong Confidential podcasts will feature interviews covering such things as human trafficking, a father whose daughter committed suicide, the Playground of Possibilities, expat life, mental health issues, LGBTIQ in Russia and a matchmaker gives us dating tips. Also, Hannaford is planning to do a series about her experiences with abuse, being a single mother, online dating, becoming an expat, menopause, buying property in Hong Kong, and planning for retirement.

Hong Kong Confidential podcasts are usually uploaded on Saturdays and can be found at http://hongkongconfidential.libsyn.com, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

For more information, please contact Jules Hannaford at +852 60190322 or email at juliehannaford@hotmail.com.

Webpage: http://hongkongconfidential.libsyn.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hongkongconfidential/
Twitter: @juleshannaford
Instagram: @hongkongconfidential

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