Hong Kong Confidential Podcast joins Auscast Network and Spotify

“I am beyond thrilled and excited to have my podcast, Hong Kong Confidential, invited to join Auscast Network – Australia’s coolest podcast network. This is a wonderful opportunity for me and I am looking forward to a brilliant partnership with Auscast,” says Hannaford, an Australian woman who has been living in Hong Kong for 17 years and produces the Hong Kong Confidential podcast.

“Not only did I get this great news this week, but today I found out that my podcast has been accepted on Spotify. This is such an honour and I am jumping for joy! It certainly has been an amazing week for Hong Kong Confidential!”

Hannaford has an interest in wellbeing, empowering women, education, social issues, and encouraging greatness. Her aim with Hong Kong Confidential is to share the wisdom of others with her listeners from over 40 countries.

“I’ve been listening to Hong Kong Confidential as it coincided with me moving away from Hong Kong, so initially it was part of maintaining a connection. However, the content, variety and topics covered are so much more expansive – gritty, honest, funny – it’s a regular listen for me,” says Jen Fulton in Singapore

To date, Hong Kong Confidential has 15 episodes featuring interviews with a doula (birth companion), a relationship coach, a woman who was forced into and arranged marriage, abuse survivors, a children’s book author, female business owners, a hypnotherapist, members of the Sindhi community, LGBTIQ activists, an anti-slavery advocate and many other interesting people with fascinating stories to share.

“Being on Hong Kong Confidential was a platform for me to share my life story so to inspire other women to speak their truth and acknowledge their suffering,” says Karina Calver (Ep 7: Just a Girl). “Being on the podcast with Jules was fun as it was so easy to talk to her about my life. Love what she’s doing and she’s covered topics that need to be addressed. So proud of her!”

In a recent podcast (Episode 14: Stop Human Trafficking), Matt Friedman from the Mekong Club talks about his important role in combating human trafficking and modern-day slavery. He explains the differences between sex slavery and slave labour, and talks in depth about this epidemic that is on the increase globally. He shares his own family’s experience with human trafficking and how this impacted him as a young boy, and reveals many shocking stories from working with NGOs in India, Nepal, Thailand, USA and Hong Kong.

Upcoming Hong Kong Confidential podcasts will feature interviews covering topics such as the Playground of Possibilities, expat life, LGBTIQ in Russia, mental health issues with renown Australian author and psychologist, Michael Carr Gregg and a matchmaker giving dating tips. Also, in the future, Hannaford is planning to do a series about her experiences with abuse, being a single mother, online dating, becoming an expat, menopause, buying property in Hong Kong, and planning for retirement.

Hannaford’s efforts have already led to a sponsorship from a listener who was moved by a Hong Kong Confidential podcast, Teresa’s Turkish Towels. Each guest interviewed by Hannaford receives a free towel and listeners can get $100HKD off any purchase of two or more towels using the promo code CONFIDENTIAL. She is also seeking Patrons through the Patreon crowdfunding platform, where listeners can contribute donations to cover equipment costs and other expenses.

Hong Kong Confidential podcasts are usually uploaded on Saturdays and in addition to Auscast and Spotify, can be found on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and any platform where you find your podcasts.

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