HKTDC Startup Zone – Interview With Marvoto

By Adam Chan | Marvoto’s M1 fetus camera is the world’s first handheld 3D ultrasound device that lets the pregnant mother take photos of her fetus anytime and anywhere, and to record the first smile of life. The mini-size M1 works with an app, and is very easy to use. Marvoto’s software and photo-editing cloud service lets users easily share their amazing images.

Marvoto is a word derived from ‘marvelous’ and ‘photo’, which has to do with the story behind the product. When Founder Steven Tu’s wife was pregnant, he always wanted to see the baby. However, he found that the need to make an appointment and being in a long queue to take ultrasound picture was inconvenient. Then if the baby is not in a good position, the photo might not be as expected. He thought it would be marvelous to have a mini-ultrasound device to take a photo of the fetus at home.

As a startup, the financial issue is one of the challenges that Marvoto faced. “Fortunately, we raise the first funding from friends and some individual investors, and the local government angel fund was the second funding,” says Tu. “After two years of operation, Marvoto is raising the next round of funding for product promotion and further development.”

This year, Marvoto is exhibiting in the HKTDC Electronics Fair (Spring Edition), one of the industry’s biggest in the world. “I believe that we can meet the potential buyers, suppliers and investors there,” says Tu. “Some of the buyers have already made an appointment with us.

“In the future, our mission is to integrate the ultrasound and IoT technologies to provide a handheld and home-use ultrasound device. We are also researching our next product with more of a focus on e-health and mass market applications.”

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