GROW your own veggies in 2 weeks. From a box!

Foodcycle+ has just launched a 3-week campaign for Mushroom Growing Kits.
Have you ever wished to grow your own vegetables? Foodcycle+ now gives you the opportunity to grow some mushrooms, from a box (a tiny one), in 2 weeks. No need of space or time, you can just place the box anywhere in your place (it’s a 11cm3 box) and water it for two weeks. You can then harvest and cook oyster mushrooms (around 300g). And you can start to grow a second time! Pre-orders are available online until March 17th on

It’s really fun to grow mushrooms at home, it’s easy to grow without much care. You have to try it too! Just add some garlic and black pepper with scrambled eggs, it’s really delicious. Just simple to cook and you can have a fresh mushroom taste and a crispy mushroom texture.
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Coffee grounds happen to be a very good substrate for mushrooms. So to produce these boxes, Foodcycle+ collected coffee waste in Hong Kong from :

  • Coffee shops: The Coffee Academics, Cafe 8 and Sweat Pea Cafe, which have kindly collected their coffee waste during one week for this campaign.
  • The French International School: last week, a team went there to collect the coffee waste the students and teachers had collected at home.
  • Nespresso: which is giving its coffee waste on a regular basis to Foodcycle+

Foodcycle+ has two missions with this campaign:

  • Allow people to easily grow some food at home. Even in a limited space and a busy life. Especially in a city where 96% of the food is imported!
  • Reduce the huge amount of food waste generated everyday in Hong Kong.

This is the video of the campaign!

Who is behind this project?


Hong Kong generates about 4,200 tons of organic waste daily, including more than 3,000 tons of industrial, commercial and domestic food waste.
FoodCycle+ is a social enterprise trying to solve this issue by collecting food waste from hotels, restaurants, tofu factories, nespresso etc to turn it into valuable products.

So In So Good

So In So Good – an Incubation Programme @Science Park for social startups & funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club – launched this campaign for Foodcycle+ – one of its incubates.

For any additional information about the campaign (or mushrooms), please contact

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