Interview with Argha Sen, CEO of Gormei

gormeiGormei is a provider of peace of mind to anyone trying to arrange F&B for their corporate events. It offers a one-stop solution for corporate events, be it Christmas Parties and Annual dinners for 200 people or very special CEO dinner for 10 guests.
Can you tell us about your personal background? 

Arghan Sen, CEO of GormeiI have always led two lives. As a corporate marketer and as a semi-professional foodie.

I spent more than 15 years in consumer marketing and eCommerce, as Head of Marketing for Asia for Toys R Us and Head of eCommerce for Li & Fung retail. But food & dining has been a personal passion and semi-professional interest throughout this period. I ran Hong Kong’s hottest secret supper club called ONCE UPON A TABLE and many private dining experiences with chefs worldwide. With Gormei I essentially bring my two lives together – the world of corporates and marketing and the world of food.

How does it work? Who should use Gormei? 

Anyone in charge of organising events at companies, especially those who find themselves making 20 phone calls and 30 emails to different restaurants and vendors just to organise a company dinner. All they have to do is call us, and we take care of the rest. We co-ordinate with the restaurants and bars and get back quickly with 3 tailor-made proposals. After that we help book the venue, organise payments, curate menus, ensure the event goes smooth and seamless.

Our clients are corporates of all sizes, from large tech firms and banks to small boutique operators in luxury, law, finance, recruitment. And also Conferences like RISE, institutions like the different Chambers of Commerce and alumni networks.

You are working with many different clients on various kind of events; including the RISE conference lately. How difficult is it to adapt to each demand ? 

Every event is different. A large conference like RISE needed management and execution on a very large scale involving more than 50 different bars and restaurants, organizers and various sponsors. But even for small cocktail events or corporate luncheons, there are many things to take care of: budgets, menus, dietary preferences, location preferences. We go with the flow and treat every client differently, trying to understand their needs and tailor-make the the programs.

What is your most memorable moment so far?

Perhaps the “what have we got ourselves into” moment on the eve of the RISE Conference 2016, looking at the huge venue being set up at HKCEC and contemplating how a tiny company like ours will handle a mammoth 8500 person event across 3 days !

What do you think of Hong Kong’s Foodie Startup Scene? 

There’s growing excitement and enthusiasm. Hopefully to be followed by some great products and services

What’s next for Gormei?

Establishing ourselves as the premier Corporate Dining Concierge in Hong Kong and following our clients worldwide. And enhancing our technology platform to streamline and offer our services on a global scale

What are 3 things you want people to remember about Gormei?

  • We are great guys to work with !
  • We know restaurants and bars in Hong Kong intimately
  • We understand corporate needs and work fast

Interview by Ludivine Taverne

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