Google Play’s Best of 2017 Reflects Hongkongers’ Increasing Digital Savviness

Google Play’s Best of 2017 Reflects Hongkongers’ Increasing Digital Savviness

Fortune City and Lineage 2: Revolution Crowned Best App and Best Game of 2017 Respectively

Hong Kong, December 1, 2017: Google Play announced today the Best of 2017, including Best Apps, Best Games, Best Books, and Best Movies. In the past year,  the apps and content on Google Play Best of 2017 have put entertainment and knowledge at our fingertips, digitizing our lives in the areas of travel, retail, finance, living and education, and driving Hong Kong to become a smarter digital city.

Google Play’s Best App of 2017, Fortune City, Makes Finance Fun

Developed by Fourdesire, Fortune City has been crowned the Best App of 2017 by Google Play. The fun and functional app gamifies bookkeeping with a fun simulation. Users play the role of a mayor to build their own virtual city by simply tracking personal income and expenses. Fortune City’s easy-to-use interface, as well as cute cartoons and icons encourage people to pick up good budgeting habits.

42% of consumers being ‘digital savvy’ according to Google Hong Kong’s “Smarter Digital City Whitepaper”. More Hongkongers enjoy the efficiency and enhanced quality of life via digital. Citymapper, which provides real-time traffic information, and ActionDirector, which makes video editing simple, become Google Play’s Best Apps of 2017.

Smartphone users living in a smart city like Hong Kong also enjoy interacting and sharing through smartphones and apps. HelloTalk, a language exchange app that has been featured as one of Google Play’s Best Apps of 2017, is designed to translate, transliterate, read aloud and convert voice to text. HelloTalk also connects users with native speakers of other languages to chat and have fun while they learn.

According to Google Hong Kong’s “Smarter Digital City Whitepaper”, travel is one of the industries in Hong Kong that are well digitally transformed, with 70% of travelers searching for travel-related information on their smartphones. Klook has made the Google Play Best Apps of 2017 list as it helps travelers book activities and makes it easy to search by date, destination and type of activity. Once the activity is booked, Klook issues electronic tickets that are compatible with other organizational smartphone apps, taking the stress out of planning your holiday itinerary.

Google Play’s Best Apps of 2017 (in no particular order):

Best App of 2017

Best Entertaining Apps of 2017

Best Social Apps of 2017

Best Lifestyle Apps of 2017

Fortune City


Hello Talk

Notebook – Take Notes, Sync


Strava Running and Cycling GPS

7 Minute Workout



Journey – Diary, Journal





Omlet Arcade

Android Pay

Best Innovative Apps of 2017

Hidden Gems of 2017

Best Apps for Kids Education of 2017



Dr. Panda Town

Messaging Booster – Quick Reply

Lose Weight in 30 Days

Baby Panda’s Farm – Kids’ Farmville

YouCam Makeup


Toca Life: City

Fortune City

Video Player all Format

Space for Kids Star Walk 2 Astronomy Game Star Walk 2



Thomas & Friends: Read & Play

Google Play’s Best Game of 2017: Lineage 2: Revolution

Online games have always been popular in Hong Kong and, with the popularization of smartphones, online game developers have been adapting their products to create high-quality mobile games that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Lineage 2: Revolution, Three Kingdoms Cao Cao and Ragnarok Online are three of the top trending mobile games on Google Play, and have all been adapted from online games.

Lineage 2: Revolution, adapted from one of the top trending online games in the region, has been named Google Play’s Best Game of 2017. It is one of the leading mobile games in terms of scene renderings, smoothness, quest design and social interactive features, providing users with an elevated experience in a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). What’s more, Lineage 2: Revolution has been successfully converted from desktop to mobile without losing the essence of the game, allowing avid players to enjoy the full experience on their smartphones.

Google Play promotes independent game developers, allowing users to easily search for new games at the Indie Corner, and even offering them the chance to test beta versions of the games through the ‘Try Now’ feature. This year, Google Play featured a selection of independent games on its Best of 2017 list, including I’m in for CE Election (我要選特首!), a local game launched in time during the CE Election.

Google Play’s Best Games of 2017 (in no particular order):

Best Game of 2017

Most Competitive Games of 2017

Most Social Games of 2017

Best Indie Games of 2017

Lineage 2: Revolution


星界:王冠 (港澳版)




OPUS: Rocket of Whispers


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links



三國志曹操傳 Online

A Girl Adrift

陰陽師Onmyoji – 和風幻想RPG

Garena 武裝菁英

Deep Town: Mining Factory

Most Innovative Games of 2017

Best to Pick Up & Play Games of 2017

Best Games for Kids of 2017

Last Day on Earth: Survival


Toca Life: Hospital


Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Little Panda Restaurant

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars


Little Fire Station


Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

Strawberry Shortcake Hair


Dr. Panda Café Freemium

Read Google Play’s Best Books of 2017 on the go

In addition to apps and games, Hongkongers also enjoy access to a wide range of books on Google Play. Google Play announces Best Books of 2017, which includes literature on subjects including wealth management, business developmen, and marketing, as well as fiction books. There are also Editors’ Choice books for Hong Kongers, including a fun and easy human history book “人類大歷史: 從野獸到扮演上帝”, the novel “靈界的譯者1” on which HBO Asia’s first Chinese drama is based, a practical guide for advertising and marketing “品牌的技術和藝術”, a monologue expressing happiness and freedom in oneself “被討厭的勇氣”, and the novel “東方快車謀殺案(電影珍藏版” on which the recent blockbuster Murder on the Orient Express is based.

Google Play’s 50 Best Books of 2017:

Enjoy the Best Movies of 2017 on Google Play

Movie lovers can make the most of quality time watching films with family and friends this Christmas as the Google Play has unveiled the Best Movies of 2017 and five Editors’ Choices, which include Hong Kong action thriller Shock Wave starring Andy Lau, Japanese animation Your Name, American drama Gifted starring Chris Evans, and the epic American sci-fi movie Arrival starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner.

Google Play’s 50 Best Movies of 2017:

See the full Best of Google Play 2017 list here:

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