Global Sources Edition – Interview with Serafim

*Serafim is one of the exhibitors of Startup Launchpad@Global Sources 2017

  1. Can you tell us the story of your product?

The earliest name is ikeybo. Because the large company caused by trademark disputes, we don’t use that anymore. ikeybo means integration keyboard. We enjoy the virtual way to replace real-life products. Phone device itself is a limited space and it cannot be achieved on a large scale. Let the phone or tablet through the bracket so that the products can be used in an intuitive, ergonomic way to experience.

  1. Where does the inspiration come from?

It comes from the customers’ feedback and the development of core technologies. When we do research and development, we also think about how to create mobile phones to have more applications. It’s impossible to carry pianos and instruments all the time. Also, it’s too small to play music on the smartphone. We dedicated to enhancing the design of entertainment and sharing features. You can record all your inspiration right away. In the past we’ve seen science fiction films, imagined situations, with our technology; they can be achieved in real life. It’s a very user-friendly device onto any flat surface, at any time. Do not be limited by screen size.

  1. What makes your products unique from others?

You can see the related products. They are relatively fewer numbers of keyboard machines or only can be entered in English. There are no other products like us can support multi-lingual character layouts. You can choose between seven different languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, German, and French. Japanese is for Japan market. German is for Germany. Different packages for different markets. Competed with other competitors, the combination of the app will produce a great deal of imagination. With different software into different products, not just to buy a device, but to buy a variety of styles of a virtual input interface. This is a completely different experience. It has been granted patents from United States, Japan, China, and Taiwan. Compared with the traditional competing products, our patents structure are unique. Not a camera sensor but a linear sensor. It has low power consumption and fast response advantages and it’s very important for mobile devices.

  1. What does “Serafim” mean?

The English name “Serafim” of Serafim Technologies Inc. is derived from “Seraphim” who is the highest rank of angels in Christian theology and a symbol of “light”, “fire”, and “passion”. Serafim overflowing with enthusiasm boasts a team specialized in optical (=light), mechanisms and hardware circuits (=fire), and hardware and software integration expertise. Serafim focuses on the software and hardware integration of mobile devices and wearable mobile technology.

  1. Any exciting plans ahead?

Breaking traditional input ways of human-machine interaction, it is a virtual non-contact sensing technology era. Breaking the restrictions on the use of devices will not be restricted to touch only on the screen but the entire desktop interface.

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