Global Sources Edition – Interview with Heartisans

*Heartisans is one of the exhibitors of Startup Launchpad@Global Sources 2017
Leading healthcare technology startup, Heartisans, is known for their wearable, cuff-less blood pressure measuring devices. Their champion product, the Heartisans Watch uses Pulse Transit Time to measure blood pressure using the Electrocardiogram sensor, and Optical Heart Rate sensor to measure the time required for a pulse to travel from the heart to the wrist. The startup is benchmarking accuracy according to European Society of Hypertension – International Protocol’s, and IEEE Standard.

Founded in April 2014, Heartisans has been making health and blood pressure monitoring easy and accessible for everyone. In August, their debut product, the Heartisans Watch, sold out by 200,000 in quantity – big time! Even so, they are adamant about pushing themselves to new heights.

“What makes our product unique is our cuff-less blood pressure monitor. Our value proposition lies where users are able to take blood pressure measurements wherever they go, such as when they are hiking or in a stressful board meeting. They no longer need to rely on the traditional bulky device,” said Sang, co-founder of Heartisans.




“Blood pressure variability, that’s how our blood pressure changes throughout the day during different activities you do, how stressed you are, these are the things you weren’t able to do before,” he continued.

Pre-order campaign has opened up globally, with customers from 20 countries. According to Majority of early adopters are from Hong Kong, which is vital in getting products ready on time.

Before their launch, Heartisans interviewed a couple hundred of people from their target group as part of their market research. As their target group came from a slightly more mature demographic – different from sites like Indigogo – results revealed that 70% of respondents are unaware or have never heard of what crowd-funding was, while 85% have had the experience of online shopping. Heartisans preorder believed that nurturing and capitalizing on the characteristics of their audience was pivotal to their success.

“Global sources gives you a lot of opportunities to get exposure, now that we’ve launched, we expect to ship our products by December. Meeting retailers and distributors key interests for me. Get our products into the hands of as many people as possible. Great opportunity to network and meet more distributors around the world,” said Sang.

Based in Science Park, Heartisans is part of the brink program as well.


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